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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

just went to vanco at yi guang industrial this morning to purchase a voyager 510 bluetooth headset. however i was seriously considering the possibility of having a base station kind of setup - it would most likely have been just the 510 headset plus a voyager 500a base station... and maybe i'd add in the hl10 lifter unit too. might as well find out the pricing for the voyager 510sl+ and voyager 510sl systems as well, i thought.

in the end, i bought the full 510sl system, with two extra items - the usb charger and the cigarette lighter adapter. i'm just short of both the carrying pouch and lighted online indicator to make it a full voyager 510sl+ set... so the retail value for the kit i got is somewhere between us$379.95 and us$429.95... i'm not going to disclose the exact price i got it at - except that i can safely say that the pricing was indeed fantastic!

so now i have a few telecommunications options:
1. home phone - call/receive using my panasonic handset
2. home phone - call/receive using the plantronic bluetooth unit
3. mobile phone - call/receive using the plantronic bluetooth unit

well... after the buying spree lately over the last two months, i'm looking forward to a whirlwind of a good time for fy2008.


Monday, May 05, 2008

some people say only ladies know how to appreciate shoes. i disagree.

here's what i picked up a tad just over 400 bucks in less than 10 days recently - clockwise from top left - air zoom katana cage 3, air zoom skylon, air zoom pegasus, air zoom katana s4

my air streak series racers - from left - air streak, air streak light, air zoom streak (all of them are decommissioned - can't be worn but i keep them for sentimental reasons)

in case you thought you were reading chinese characters on the tongues - you are right!

my spike shoes - from left - nike zoom eldoret, fila steeplechase, fila middle distance

my miscellaneous racers - clockwise from top left - adidas adios 2u, nike air pre(fontaine), asics gel duellist, asics gelcharger

and finally, my miscellaneous shoes - clockwise from left - some nike tennis shoes (bought just because we were supposed to have nonmarking shoes for usage in nie), some umbro boots (same, for nie soccer module), and salomon xa3dpro

all that for a grand total of 17 pairs of footwear, not yet including my chaco sandals, and another pair of goner salomon xapro, and my saf issued new balances (which i promptly dumped after ord) - and i haven't counted my saf boots yet!

some may wonder, what was the driving force to acquire four pairs of shoes recently? simple. i'm doing the sundown marathon on 1st june - i need plenty of training mileage while staying injury free, and yet having an appropriate feeling racer for the event.