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Saturday, July 31, 2004

last night i was shooting at the performance of the singapore chinese orchestra, with the guest of honour being dpm (soon, prime minister) lee hsien loong. i had met tanya chua when she was recording an introductory message to a program. mailed her some of her candid shots too... so seems that too, shiekh haikel and her are with music & movement...

met up with jj and some media personnel behind the scenes of the ndp preview. hey, at least i confirmed both silly girl anne and him know each other...

can't believe it. the last few weeks (actually... six/seven weeks isn't that long after all!) passed me by in a flash. if you were to ask me, what i was caught up in doing... if not for two things i still enforce myself to do, i wouldn't remember what i did. that's why i'm very thankful for photography and blogging. so that in years to come (assuming servers, blogger.com, and my hard disks are still rolling), i'll be able to savour the memories that i simply can't recall. need to hunt through some of the pess days photos to remind me of what i learnt then, too!

met some other familiar faces at the stadium too... but who was the chap rubbing his tummy at the stadium who called out my name?...

heartbreak of the week - bryan choo had free tickets to steve vai... courtesy of a friend of his working in bar none...

from this ndp shoot that i'm involved in, i've learnt of the commitment that goes into it just for the three hour show. the safety, the logistics, lightings etc... did you know the exco chairman and the lighting committee actually stayed up till 2 or 3am in the morning from friday night just to tweak the lighting for the show? betcha didn't know that. i just found out today - had i chosen to go back home last night, i wouldn't have realized all that.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

had a special shoot in the afternoon - thankfully i got a ride out from the camp. guest of honour? minister of defence...

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

saw daniel, when i just got to the void deck of my block.

chanced across eng piew at s11 as i was having dinner.

cycled back home via seletar, a nice slow ride...

registered (finally) for the osim triathlon around lunchtime, first time i got to see who yati was in person. boy, was she fast in sending out an acknowledgement email to confirm my race registration!

siva came over to my place yesterday to pass me the race wheels he never got to see before... and my eyes popped out when i saw it was actually a pair of hed jets! upon closer inspection during the night, i found out that they were actually tubulars...

i went over to the interchange... and thought i saw this girl who looked like effy from the back... but instead... i found irene looking at me from close to who i thought was effy... upon confirmation with ping, that was indeed effy whom i saw, before she flies over to thailand tomorrow!

met up with sharon y over in sengkang in the evening over dinner, where i was helping her with this insurance personal assessment thing... thereafter i made my way over to jeremy's and angie's where i visited their place for the first time. they were so sweeeeet...

and this morning? i cycled to camp. here i am... in camp!

Monday, July 26, 2004

big news - lance's won numbero SIX!

had a long chat with veron over the phone... torturing her on the phone up to 2:30am...

Sunday, July 25, 2004

last night's rehearsal shoot, ended pretty early for us... first time in a long long time! we'd left the stadium at about 10pm...

today morning was a challenge to wake up, again... so i missed my long run, again, for the third week... running. but i kind of made up for it by cycling a fair distance today. not too long after i set off, i called out to germaine whom i spotted with her boyfriend (come on, only lovebirds hold hands, right?)

i went out to coastal via tampines road and lorong halus. came across david low and his dad when i was finishing my third stretch of coastal road - i eventually did five lengths of it.

as i was slowly navigating east coast park, i spotted karen and yet another pess junior... then as i passed by the lifeguards' building, i managed to come across edward, colin, mohktar and some other folks there, playing/bumping a volleyball. i sat there for a while to slack off... and when it was nearing dinner time, i gave mavic a ring to meet up - two bowls of bak chor mee for me and two teh peng... too bad i forgot about mr married man..:)

Saturday, July 24, 2004

it sure didn't feel that i was away for long from church - being back there last night made a difference. and i'm glad i made it, too!

the sermon was about john chapter 11 for the night, about removing the stone (obstacle) in our belief of Christ.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

yesterday evening, i cycled out to return someone the compactflash card that was corrupted, and i pulled off a partial recovery on in bedok, along with a complimentary cd (well, i didn't charge any money, not even cost at all) with the recovered stuff. then i went for bak chor mee, and after that decided to cycle to coastal road, and eventually went back home via tampines road. total ride? 62km or so.

was pretty surprised to meet chngpe01 at the cobras' night event today evening - i didn't know of his background, and was i surprised! similiarly, i met ray a.k.a. siva who was doing his reservist in mdc... and part of his reservist actually includes performing!

as i was about to wait for my bus home, i realized that i'd left my home keys in my camera bag in camp... since i'd probably reach home around 11+ pm anyway... i decided to go back to office, and spend the night in office, so you know where i am right now!

Monday, July 19, 2004

uh, am i really a negative babe magnet? i'm confused.

i just got a sms from her that reads, "u hav a massive temper tat i cant handle. i hav my temper n my guy r usu cool headed. i wil remove you fr my msn n icq. v sori. ther is no rite or wrong. incompatible."

practically all my girl friends know that i treat whoever i'm seeing with dignity and i sure don't call them names at any point of time. i was somewhat bad to my first girlfriend four plus years ago, and i regret not treating her better. up till earlier this afternoon, i thought i had found a girl whom i could nurture to be a be a lady. but now... knowing what i do, i think i'm glad i found out before i gave my word of commitment. what would a (potential) girlfriend want to ask money from her (potential) boyfriend for? i'm surviving on national service pay right now, and at $457 a month, it's not a lot, though it's better than nothing. she told me it's for her um, "security". what's there to make me feel secure she's not going to leave me when she finds someone richer?

gee, it's not just the girls who need to watch who they're dating from internet acquaintances... even the guys have to watch out too!

thursday and friday were pretty much lull days back in camp, nothing in particular to shoot.

saturday was an exhausting day, but the ne show was fun. met quite a few pess/nie friends over at the stadium in the gallery, when i was deployed to shoot the action from within the stands, a departure from my typical roof-shooting. one thing i've learnt - kids do the darnest things beyond our adult expectations. little did i ever imagine kids stuffing that little "handphone" torchlight into the velcro adjustment strap for the baseball cap... you'll know what i mean when you see it on tv that day...

sunday was noteworthy. went out with cynthia, who was by far the most ideal girl whom i've ever gone out with. the best thing about her is that she's most upfront about her own flaws and expectations - of which i think is a major plus, because in any relationship, friends or more, we have to come to terms with ourselves in reality, and not sweep things under the rug, and pray no one ever asks about that bump under it until waaaay too late.

things are really starting to looking up.

p.s. mean girls suffers from a confusing plot (i.e., hard to tell if the plot was really there), but well, a movie once in a blue moon is fine with me.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

screwed up portion of yesterday's golf shoot. felt like poop.

today was better. shot a bit of gymnastics, a bit of swimming - both were national schools' events.

did a short swim session in the evening after i got back home. 38 strokes for 50 meters!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

cycled to camp and back for monday's worth of exercise. tired. really tired!

had some stuff pressuring me - the gym and swimming photoshoots. how to decide which to go for, when they're on the same day, at the same time? also have to call up lamc, regarding steve vai's performance...

Sunday, July 11, 2004

the cr3 went ok last night, but i was really sapped of energy after the entire shoot wrapped up.

cycled out to deliver 2 reels of film for developing, because i forgot to unload them from the film bodies. what a boo-boo. at least it's a first ride for the bike after servicing it. cleaned up the entire bike for the rest of sunday afternoon. and went to meet zekai for him to get the battery cases from me.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

went for despatch with m'am tan - most of the drops were in tuas. met petrina earlier in the morning when i did a drop at the discovery centre. saw daniel, kevin and a few other folks too. it was a refreshing experience to see the companies located at the most "ulu" part of singapore.

as i was going back home, i met ganesan on the bus back home - apparently he had another driving lesson, i supposed.

went tiong hin and bought a pair of hutchinson krono competition gold for 35 bucks each. old tires, but at least they work. and many thanks to claree for the valve adapter that he gave me.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

borrowed the bike from siva monday night, was hurting my hand badly because of the severe positioning of wrist onto my right wrist.

last night i forgot to bring back my keys from camp, so there i was, watching television at the coffeeshop after having dinner... and tried to disassemble some parts of the bike to service before riding it again. had some trouble trying to pull apart the brake caliper assemblies, preventing me from doing a comprehensive cleaning for the quintana roo...

went to the photoshop event today, met a whole lot of familiar faces. attended it along with calvin (not the cyclist), clive, zekai, and nashvillian. got to see wendy yap (she was running around the city hall area) as i was leaving for peninsula plaza. she barely had the time to react to recognize me as she was zipping off.

while on the way to meet sharon to pass her the combined rehearsal tickets, i was surprised to actually come across wenz with a group of friends in citylink. or citilink. argh, can't figure out how to spell it. had a short chat with her, forgot her guy's in national service right now... no wonder no "escort" la! sharon appeared in my view, and so i bade wenz tata, and switched company - i was spotted by tresa while talking to sharon (in case you're wondering, she's my brother-in-law's sister)... tresa looked fantastic, and she actually managed to weed me out of that sea of people waiting for each other at the same area... i'm so touched!

we then proceeded to mango to hunt for this jacket she was looking for, and thereafter it was dinner at the revamped foodcourt, and behold! there was dr henry who i came across in there! he was accompanied by fio for dinner - and i asked him to follow his kids to the ne show...

Monday, July 05, 2004

yesterday's 25k run was pretty fine. those old feelings of quadriceps sore beyond my comfort zone was a flashback to my early years of running, without injury. finished in 2:13:04. gotta dig out my old timings so that i can view how i am now compared to the past. but it doesn't matter too much because my primary concern is to run without flaring my old injury too much.

the real tiring part of the day was to actually continue with the second combined rehearsal after the run. my battery was on "low" almost all the time... plus the somewhat affected knee, didn't help too much either. at least i learnt that geraldine is affectionately known as "donkey" because there was a "shrek" in our midst...

met cleve on the rooftop as well - he was pretty surprised to see me decked up in a harness shooting, i suppose!

met up with shihan to go swimming in the morning, but i was really affected because all my timing rhythm for front crawl is... GONE! had a fun time disturbing her at the pool, like pulling her right into the pool when she was climbing out...

Saturday, July 03, 2004

thursday was a mad rush. there was the saf day parade in the morning that was all over in a jiffy, and then it was the ndp funpack packing shoot in the late morning out of camp. ended the evening delivering a photo print parcel, and ended up doing another shoot in another camp altogether... at least there are people happy with the prints - but all credit should be kannan's for helping to match the colour to the printer... so there went my training time... sigh...

there was nothing to shoot on friday morning, and in the early night, i went over to send sis off on her 3 week study trip to wales. tiring day alright.

today? had a surprise shoot in camp with two mediacorp artistes while they were doing some practice rounds...