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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

had a tiring day for a one-day callup yesterday.

noticed that another of my friends had also openly offered her photographic services on her website. i can't help but wonder, if really anyone with a digital slr can just offer his or her services for photographic coverage of an event. cannoncal once taught me something that i wouldn't want to forget - a responsible photographer always turns up with not one, but two cameras. why? in case the shutter jams - which is the likeliest catastrophe to happen. the next thing is to carry two flashes; since the flash can burn out - but thankfully that can be prevented with discretion with the number of shots with flash, especially in a sequence.

respect the authority of the pacestick,
27th february 2006

though i am going to go along this line for sure; there are still many variables and unknowns. for sure, i will need to hone up my self-marketing skills - after all, what is mcdonald's known for colloquially? good burgers? no - it's a great sales systems of so-so burgers (at least, my tastebuds say so to me). delivering the best, but with crap marketing is going to suck big time. it's like becoming mcdonald's which isn't the best for the consumer - delivering ho-hum quality, consistently with great marketing. of course, it's all the ideal to become a uber-restaurant - best quality with the best marketing.

is wedding photography for me? for sure, a big resounding, NO. my specialties would be sports, news and events. though i have yet to really develop a style... i think one of the good things i'm showing is that i'm looking very frequently at the portfolios of the photographers from major sports publications. i scrutinize the pages of the sports magazines i buy... and don't buy. i try too, to see how lights for a portrait session are placed, too.

if the photographer a wedding couple is engaging for their wedding has problems fulfilling a desire to explore, learn more and push their own bar in achieving and achievement... it's time to get another more deserving person to do the work. unfortunately, most wedding couples i've come across locally are nitpickers for a budget for actual wedding day photographic coverage. 400 bucks, anyone? starts from 6am in the morning till almost 12 midnight - that's 18 hours. 400 divided by 18 = 22.2 dollars per hour, average. that's incredulously cheap! and when the manhours for the postprocessing are calculated, easily 5 to 15 hours can be added in, which can hit as low at $12 per hour (15 hours postprocessing, 18 hours shooting)! shocking, isn't it? and who's gonna pay for the camera gear's upkeeping and making sure it doesn't break down? the math doesn't work out.

photographers, let's work collectively. let's not do things like undercut each other. and for newbies who are faux artists; passing random snapshots without thinking; killing mosquitoes with a machine gun - do yourself and your clients a favour. don't take away the memories that are history and pass questionable shots into forever. studio shots can be done months later, but actual wedding day shots can never be replicated - are you going to bear the financial consequences to recall everyone who turned up for the wedding night to go through the same paces again because you lost shots? or when your shutter jammed on you? when you had no backup camera to get going on right away?

photography is a business deeply rooted in ethics. don't make a fool of yourself just for money, but ask yourself if you're going to be that responsible.

my dreams of a 1d mk ii/n seems more real now. i see it as a viable high quality, durable beast to last through quite a few seasons of work.

something that i did to my bike lately - the change to goodridge hoses.

the levers

the obvious statement of what hoses are used

the front disc brake/hub area

sideview of the whole bike

Sunday, February 26, 2006

interesting photo gadgets - or rather, camera mounts. overxposed.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

presenting the thinktank photogear...

top row, left to right:
pro speed belt (with pixel pocket rocket inside it), whip it out, lightning fast, r u thirsty?

bottom row, left to right:
speed changer, lens changer 15, 50, 75

far right:
pixel racing harness

some friends balked at the high price that i forked out for the gear - but this is the main reason why i think it was well worth it. when the original belt i ordered turned out a little small for me, i sent an email to the main designer/president of the company, and guess what? he sent one new one, in the mail, on the house! now, talk about service!

the newly arrived medium belt is below - note the extra
length of padding compared to the small belt above it

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

it's time to purchase andrew matthew's follow your heart, which is also one of the reasons why i did what i just did this afternoon.

a large sum of money is involved, but isn't it the same as paying back a study loan as for normal ntu/nus students?

things aren't that bad!

try this video clip if your overseas shipment is delayed beyond reasonable limit... or probably this happened to the plane...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

like dr koh said, it's useless to leave if it doesn't help the situation. tomorrow is a day where i will sort things out. numbers must be sorted; must be calculated.

it's a pain numerically speaking; but in a way, it's paying back for the advance i've received so far - and achieved a diploma in physical education, and becoming a basic photographer along the way.

i gotta work on my upcoming website; namecards etc. and visit kim tian large s8r prints. get a big hardcopy holder for the prints.

gotta think hard, think fast, think out of the box. like alvin lee.

regarding the hoohah about some incident in nyp that i heard of from a friend last week, this is all i have to say.

saf's golden rule: do anything but just don't get caught.

and now you know why mobiles with photo and video capabilities aren't too welcome in some areas.

and fellow fans of vai, here's something for you courtesy of cbs.com!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

hey folks, i've decided to make a watershed move - where i'm not going to renew my sehsuan.clubsnap.org web account anymore. however, you still will be able to tune in to me via sehsuan.blogspot.com

this termination of the clubsnap account will begin 26 march 2006 - and please do update your links. many thanks for the support throughout the years. my sportsshooter profile page will be still alive and kicking though.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

what seems the most simple is probably the hardest to beat.

left to right - lens changer 15, speed changer with a pixel pocket rocket inside, lens changer 50, whip it out, lightning fast and r u thirsty? all on a pro speed belt

not shown in photo: lens changer 75, pixel racing harness

Saturday, February 11, 2006

i had the pleasure of attending a lou hei session last night, that came with really low-level fireworks. too bad no cameras were allowed unless there was written permission... we were so close, we had ashes from the fireworks falling on our faces!

the purchase of the thinktank photo gear has been processed, though i won't be able to see them in time for the camp come monday - but hey, they'll come in handy for ndp 2006 shooting. but first shoot i expect them to be used would be the brigade coc event later this month.

my bde rsm was asking me earlier this week if i wanted to go to usa for the exercise - he said he couldn't guarantee me a place, but he'll try to fit me in. i personally hope i can go there too - to open my eyes to another country. forget about bringing my bike along though...

bad thing for my website though - i can't log in to my ftp account! *groan*

Saturday, February 04, 2006

this gotta be really funny...

A concern parent wrote in my guestbook...

My oh my, how can you put a picture of woman behind as your port folio, it is a perverted voyeuristic pic and your are what? A pe educator, would the students be safe under your guidiance. I really wonder

bad english, bad tenses. do you really think that is a parent? for goodness' sakes, if this was anyone who's trying to throw some flame over my personal comments over crap shots from the dream theater concert, this person can try harder. the person who wrote that cannot come up with a better attempt at trying to fling some slime after looking through the other shots that i have.

"a" for effort, "e" for execution. try harder and smarter the next time. next better player!

just came back from dinner with stazla, who's contemplating getting a bike... and of course i did the routine sharing of info. the joys of understand what lower secondary science taught us, is one thing that comes alive when you really want to know your bike better. mathematics too.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

my work is in a big mess now.

didn't i read before, if one loves the work he does, it wouldn't quantify as work anymore? i thought i knew that, but... i succumbed for something that's probably not so.

it's pretty tempting right now to think of other lines of work right now.