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Thursday, November 28, 2002

went to anne's place yesterday afternoon, then the service personnel from acer actually missed the torn warranty sticker, and instead of just replacing the hard disk, she'd got a free 20gb upgrade! but though there is the free upgrade... what if the damned hard disk goes to digital heaven as well? after the serviceman left, i too, left, and then as i was cycling around the carpark behind her block - i spotted an evo 6, tommi makinen edition! scx4xxx. nice purplish color! shot three photos, then proceeded to heap hong, and met jellylegs, ashar, and ^jeffrey. went back to serangoon with ashar, and we had a fairly long talk at the void deck of his block. as i was leaving - i hit a pinch flat on my rear wheel... sigh. at least i had my spares with me. phew!

went out in the night with kit leong to tiong hin that eventually turned into a coastal side night ride. yawn. got back home at 3am of thursday morning.

today, i went to sim lim square to pick up the computer devices that homemaker would be getting - and i submitted the invoice plus my two sheets of work $$$ claim invoices to penny. she is just the spitting image of alicia... i was wondering, could it be separation at birth?... have to go back early tomorrow morning - with norton ghost and clone the old (but slighter larger capacity, 20020mb) hard disk over to the newer one (19999mb) and setup the raid adapter. expected earnings for the work - s$140! yeah~~~ after i ended my day's work at homemaker, i cycled to hup leong and changed my rear brake pads - but only to realize that i should have gotten a set of cartridge compatible brakes instead. oh well, next round...

should be meeting up with huiling, pris, and perhaps dolphie at the nus pool tomorrow afternoon for a dip. see how first la. afternoon would be spent that way, including lunch, then i'd cycle back and then get ready to attend the sitex security talk at expo. then it's a rush back home, to join in the fenr! as for saturday, i might be meeting cherry and bringing her around town. and sunday? i haven't planned it yet.

some pictures from tuesday's room cleaning... and some pictures from yesterday night's cycling...

i must remember to pop by eurosport - who distributes lamborghini and lotus locally - and pick up one of those murcielago cdroms from the showroom! one of the salesperson told me that i could do so at the singapore motorshow...

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

did quite a bit of cleaning for my room on tuesday afternoon. will post up pictures soon, today perhaps?

in a slightly different way that i found out some security loophole concerning emichan's privacy a few months back (with a little assistance from herself too), i just found one common security lapse/loophole for ling, eunice, feng, mervyn and valska that didn't need their assistance to help me in any way to achieve. this may be a major security issue that was not noticed earlier. contact me for details in private!

p.s. i just confirmed the lapse for ling already!

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

downloaded a video with jeon ji hyun inside it, seems to be a mtv of some sort. go watch it. prior to that, went to kit leong's place to fix an internet connection sharing thing, and spent some time tuning his bike. had a drink of teh peng at the s11 around our place. surprise, surprise, his elder brother actually knows sim37 too!

today morning i'm visiting hui and changing the deflated tires of her bike for her. then afternoon time is for me to visit anne, and depending on how things progress, i might pick up some hardware from bryan for homemaker. will have to break the news to anne that her hard disk is d-e-a-d. ran easyrecovery pro on her hard disk for hours, and the verdict was negative. the biggest problem is not voiding the warranty of her 3 month old computer - it's the data lost that's costlier.

remember, the data you have is always worth more than the price of a hard disk. so save up all your favourite porn and back it up quick! wait, what did i say?

forgot to ask all of you, to rate this photo below - whether it's well composed or not...

Sunday, November 24, 2002

went of the ubin ride today morning instead, and had a ball of a time. pictures already published at my webshots account. had a good, enjoyable time bashing through the muddy, gravelly trails of ubin.

and i went again, for a second time to the singapore motorshow at suntec. this time, it is absolutely radical! i took a lot of photos of the car models (not only the cars - but also the human models!) and even got this snapshot taken with... melody!

pardon me for my messy hair. danged. wished i'd open my eyes bigger, and smile wider!

met lots of people who i know - chris (one vs/vjc senior), kah leong (coursemate then from np/ccs), graham (a coursemate during army/oeti days, now studying in aussieland), leong wai keong (from bmtc a coy), jinella (instructor from obs), wing (ntu hall 10 mate) and a lot more whom i can't recall right now.

recently, the durian had flooded, now for suntec's turn. an impression of venice?

Friday, November 22, 2002

ok, i learnt one more thing about windows xp. just as i was moving the files out of my olympus c4040, windows xp threw me a blue screen of death (so, they do exist after all even in xp!) and reported my usb driver screwed up big time. all the photos that i had taken earlier in the day, of various people in various bandages, went to the computer heaven. may they rest in peace...

ok, anne's hard disk is d-e-a-d. but i'll continue to try figure out if i still can let the hard disk rest for a while, so that i can get it working long enough for me to transfer the critical files out of it. that's the least i can do for breaking the warranty seal. but from what it seems from the circumstances now, since i broke that seal, i'll pay up for the costs of changing the hard disk. in other words, i effectively voided the warranty of her 3 month old acer computer. but i'll still not give up hope of recovering any information from it.

i asked her to make an appointment with an acer staff next week so that i can be there when the person comes, so that i can cham-siong for the warranty seal thing. after all, i did deal with computer fixing for quite a number of years now. and reminds me, next week i've gotta install that raid controller card, as well as a new hard disk for the computer in homemaker, and also, pay valerie a visit and see what's wrong with her computer. she's got a canon ixus v2 but she can't transfer her files to the computer... it's like having a computer, but no electricity...

doctor ah, doctor, anne misses you leh... talk to her leh... you seem like the only person who can cure her heartache leh... after all, she did choose to see you and not the rest of the quack doctors out there...

oh, carrying over from the red cross day 1 introduction by stephen sng, it's important for us to learn first aid, so that in case of emergencies within the family, that we can take care of them and save their lives. what if one day, someone from your family just went splat on the ground? is it choking? is it heart problem? are you able to save the life? if it was your own wife/husband or child, parents or siblings that went down, are you able to do something instead of only wailing for help? similarly, it is critical for those of us who are able to donate blood, to do so regularly. our nation's bloodbanks are always in need to be topped up, because blood can only be stored for 3 months usually.

let me tell you all who have never donated blood before - it is perfectly painless. and you are doing your favour by encouraging your body to form fresh new red blood cells. so why not? all i've gotta do is to dig out my old donors' card and start donating regularly... in fact, i enjoy doing fairly strenuous workouts on the same day as my donation. but please do not try that at home. you can go for blood donations at practically any hospital in presence of a doctor, or you can do it best at bloodbank@hsa (at sgh).

and no, you do not put on weight after blood donation. that myth came probably from habitual heavy drinkers anyway. alternatively, check out http://www.donorweb.org, and it's fairly comprehensive faq for further information. so, tell me, do you donate blood, and why?

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

just posted photos from yesterday's singapore motorshow 2002 up online, with a little special section on melody chen. crappy shots i made though. oh, by the way, there were a couple of idiots at the porsche booth trying to evaluate a porsche carbon-fiber bike by the most unknownst means, like picking up the bike by the toptube and lifting it up and down, swinging it back and forth to find out some quantum physics solutions that eluded einstein. in other words, that was an idiot. didn't know how to behave for an adult. tsk tsk. the so called rally cars are just a bluff - the actual cars belonging to the racers are all now in great britain, for rally great britian. they were nice replicas though.

feel like half dead from all this unknown sickness i'm running now, i guess it must have been due to dehydration from the combination of the fenr and the charity ride thing that ended early on sunday morning. not the distance that was killer, but the heat that was...

anne just called me regarding her computer's inability to boot up. her windows xp home edition's system file (aka system.dat on windows 9x systems) got corrupted, apparently due to failure to shut down properly. now dear girl's panicking over some of her documents that she can't get a backup copy of - a song (maybe more) that she recorded in a recording studio. well, i've gotta assemble my arsenal of software tools to combat the problem, then!

anyone wants tickets to the wheel of fortune live show tomorrow? i don't think i'll go even if i had the time, or feel well, because i promised anne to go over to her place and pop my pcb-green fingers into her computer and do some data recovery...

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

went out with zongde, jeslyn, weiwei, and mavic for the singapore motorshow. nothing much that caught my eyes, except for the lamborghini murcielago. i mean, i don't really like wrx's, ferrari's... will post up the pics soon. be disappointed - there weren't any decent race queens this time - thank goodness that i went for the previous car show. saw melody chen there compering for honda, didn't talk to her, because i'm sporting half-blown flu here. interesting to see honda's asimo being able to hold its balance and such.

i'm currently looking buying either a dreamweaver mx tutorial book or photoshop 7.0 tutorial book. will make up my choice later on this week or next, when i pay computer book store at funan centre a visit. the owner of the store sure has a vivid imagination to come up with that name for his/her shop...

tried in the afternoon to swap pcb's between my two identical hard drives in an attempt to save my data from my dead ibm ultrastar 18es 9 gig drive, but it didn't work out. i'll give it another shot one of these days soon.

heng kin came again today over to my place to troubleshoot his computer again - and this time i also learnt one thing - never, never install more motherboard mounting bolts than you need to, those goldish coloured bits of metal to which you fasten the motherboard to using screws - for they can cause a short circuit that take ages to rectify! at least now his computer is usable...

now trying to install windows xp in a as clean as possible configuration, and make a backup so that i can restore the image to have a fully working system as i need it. my aureal vortex2 sound card is erratically playing sound - and being cut off - and so i think i might need to borrow dad's sound blaster live! value for long term good...

by the way, i have four tickets for wheel of fortune, live at mediacorp studios' studio a, for 21st november, 7:45pm. any takers? just post a comment or two, i'll see how things go...

will visit the singapore motorshow with mavic and zongde in the afternoon... and needless to say, i'll be prepared with both of my smartmedia cards (one 64mb, one 16mb) as well as three sets of batteries for the camera... it's gonna be a snappy fest for me!

Sunday, November 17, 2002

imagine how much hair you might end up pulling if you bring out a group of 11 delegates not from singapore to shop at far east plaza. they were from a mix of asian and asean countries - thailand (noon), laos (sayavong), vietnam (viet), chinese taipei, aka taiwan (chun-pi), south korea (miss yoo), malaysia (apple), china (lin zhong), philippines (josephine), indonesia (ella) and cambodia (leang). the 11th person, nicholas, from malaysia went off on his own, for he's familiar with the singapore landscape. fazli from brunei did not join us, for he elected to rest in the hotel, ymca stevens road.

right after i accompanied them to check in at the ymca after the end of the soa session, i made a beeline for home just so that i could get my olympus digicam to capture moments from the outing. i gathered them and got everyone on the bus to far east plaza. brought them to burger king's and settled them there, and finally sighed a breath of relief as anthony joined in to help me lighten the load of bringing around 10 people around town. it was really a thirsty job - i had to talk in english first, and then go off in a second round in mandarin, to somewhat cater for the chinese and the taiwanese delegates. apple decided to have a tattoo done, so the rest of the group walked around the shops of far east plaza with the company of both anthony and me, and there was an incident for which i found unpleasant. viet seemed somewhat like a boy set free in a toy store, and he was amused by this little deco thing at "lemon 3" at far east plaza. i took a snapshot of him holding that gizmo from far outside, and when i wanted to shoot one pic of him with the same thing from close range, i was rebuked by the storeowner who said aloud, "no phototaking here!" i explained that it was different, since i was taking photos for my overseas friends for their memories. i asked so why then, i couldn't take photos for my overseas friends and so he retorted that it's his shop, so i cannot take photos. huh? where's his logic? folks, please boycott that "lemon 3" store! such uncouth behaviour exhibited even to people from overseas!

meanwhile ella, who was fasting, was a wonderful athlete. note that she's fasting now - but she managed to outbuy noon in shopping! after all the shopping was done, we met up with anthony's group and merged at c.k. tangs', which after those of us who wanted to go off for dinner first came out saw bervyn there. what a coincidence... the day just about ended as we had dinner at newton food centre. reached there before 7pm, and the four of us leang, noon and ella all waited for karen and sanjay to arrive. after all, ella didn't know what time she could break her fast either. soon it was past 7pm, so the food began to come in... chilli stingray, belachan sotong, satay... i went to pick up nicholas from the hotel, because he had mistaken where we'd be (also our fault too for forgetting) at the wrong time. by the time i arrived with him by taxi, the next group arrived, and they had chilli crab! my favourite! but then i didn't join in, since the other foreign folks were enjoying themselves. of note, leang did say that he couldn't exactly stomach down the chilli stingray, and i thought perhaps he doesn't take much spice back home? later when he said that the satay was too sweet, i understood that he was not used to the richly flavoured local foods. he's a gentleman - he offered to help ella carry her bags although he had nothing to do with the purchases - and carried them from orchard all the way to newton food centre - on foot!

once done with dinner, joseph drove a couple of people over to the esplanade, to let them see the durian. i went ahead and took a train over there instead. by sheer coincidence, i met jaki who was now working with the national library branch at the esplanade itself! it might be interesting to know if jaki was working in the same training centre that jeam's still is currently attending...

i went to register for the singapore marathon at wisma atria's sistic outlet. there were two people in the queue ahead of me - the person ahead was a lady, the one nearer to me was a man, in addition to the current person being served. it didn't take long for the woman two places up front of me to get served. it seemed pretty routine stuff - until the woman, now being served, made numerous selections, and took heck of a long time. she made an art out of the task of making people wait in the queue - and she was nonchalant about it! i quipped to the gentlemen in front and behind me, that the lady apparently made the louis vuitton bag that she was carrying into "vl" instead of "lv" - of which i mean, "very long"...

mr k. told me over the phone later that i need not bring miss yoo around, since he'd be sending off professor liponski anyway, so i'd be free to have my own day. on my way to kinokuniya, i met bala (who used to be a national runner) and he was going to kinokuniya as well - but he had to reach seagate ang mo kio if i remember correctly, to conduct a yoga class by 5:30pm.

went out for the fenr ride, but it was crapped up. a mass group of riders decided to cut short the journey at lau pat sat, and i'm not talking anymore than that. had to go up mount faber to meet our lost champions... sigh...

went out for the boac night ride (in fund-raising for raleigh singapore), and published the gallery for the ride again on webshots here.

did nothing much, did some data recovery stuff on my pc, and basically playing around with windows xp on my computer for the first time. a pretty fast loading operating system, i'd say.

Saturday, November 16, 2002

it has since been a full week from my last posting. i'll try to write on everything that i can recall now.

i managed to learn how to swim the butterfly (and not the caterpillar) stroke now that chun-pi from chinese taipei has helped me with it. it's pretty much a liberating feeling - just like how a caterpillar would have felt as it metamorphisised into a beautiful flying being!

i have posted the photos from thursday afternoon's singapore olympic academy delegates' outing mainly for their (and anyone's) perusal from their own countries. we're very fortunate here in singapore, because for some of the national bodies for their own respective countries, their email accounts are free ones supplied by hotmail. yes, the low security, 2mb limit kind. here in singapore, we have domain names for the official bodies, and in comparison, i guess that we're so much better off in financial terms, which most of us have taken for granted.

i'm gonna install windows xp on my computer with this planned result:
scsi-id 0 - ibm ultrastar 73lzx 18 gig
scsi-id 1 - seagate cheetah 18xl 18 gig
scsi-id 2 - ibm ultrastar 9es 9 gig (the surviving one)
scsi-id 3 - ibm ultrastar 9es 9 gig (the dead one)
scsi-id 4 - cd device 1: plextor ultraplex 40max
scsi-id 5 - cd device 2: yamaha crw-2200s
scsi-id 7 - adaptec aha19160 host

ibm deskstar 120gxp 80 gig (ide0, master)
quantum fireball lm 15 gig (ide1, master)

Monday, November 11, 2002

won't be around the the next three days - only will be back on thursday. out for the singapore olympic academy camp that i'm attending.

but first, of course, in the morning, i'm gonna pick up my earning for the computer network thingie. $80 doesn't sound too high, after all, i changed the zip 250 drive and did the shifting of the adsl card to another computer and readjusted the ip addresses accordingly, and did the most primitive taping of the involved wiring to the ground - not that i'm slipshot, but there's no trunking for the network. maybe i should ask for 90 bucks. it's quite a tidy job i did though.

now i also remember one more thing - i met jeslyn at the mandai dam, and she also asked me to keep a lookout for a can-do bike so that she can go cycling as well. long time haven't seen her, since she left the diploma group. good to see her getting all chatty again.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

so many happenings for the last couple of days.

for starters, i had the fenr (friday eastside night ride) with the togoparts folks. missed out on cell group because by the time i finished the work at homemaker's office, it was already 7:20pm approximate. didn't go to jon's dad's funeral send-off in the morning because there didn't really seem to be a valid reason to go, since there was the soa meeting back in nie. at least i got the adsl modem connection for the office working.

rear l-r: ???, kelvin, meanie, ???, smitty, smurf, komissar, shaoxiang, ???, ???, ???, ???
front l-r: pling, ashburns, deus, ???, ???, ah lai, ryan, cookie, cannigia, psyduck.
foreground: me

cookie took a crash not too long after we got into the road that runs along the perimeter of seletar camp. scared the daylights out of us. fortunately, he recovered, and we carried on with the ride. photos are up now at my webshots account.

for saturday late morning (10+ am), i received a call from penny who's from homemaker, and i made my way over to the office, to come and complete up the internet connection sharing thing. finally got it working when i learnt that i can set the gateway and dns for the computers that were "clients" of the "server" (dumb server, since it's actually relaying packets) to the ip address of the network adapter that's on the "server" computer, to get the internet connection to be shared with the entire network. damned, don't know how to simplify the above statement. but who cares!

i then proceeded to meet edward over at treknology3 frankel, to evaluate the look carbon fiber bike i was eyeing. then i finally noticed a crack at the bottom of the left chainstay of the bike. verdict? not taking the bike, after some preliminary calculations plus the fact that the frame can literally fall apart after some hammering uphill. he passed me some papers titled the "the charismatic movement is dangerous - watch out for it!", and "modern bible versions are dangerous". although he told me to read it with an open mind, i can't help but sense there's a tone of condemnation from the oh-holy-moly people who wrote it. if they really wanted to keep the accuracy of the bible, then go learn how to read the original greek and whatever language versions there are! now, beat that!

went for service 3 last night too, and the topic at hand was regarding immaturity. hmm. seems that those kids on the hardwarezone forums never really learn. the summary:
  1. the child is the center of his own universe. luke 15:11
  2. the child is insensitive to the needs of others. 2 kings 2:23-24
  3. the child demands his own way. luke 7:31; 31-34
  4. the child throws temper tantrums. luke 9:51
  5. the child is irresponsible in behaviour.
  6. the child is unable to reason with. a man goes "feel -> think -> act", a child goes "feel -> act -> think".
  7. the child only obeys concrete authority
revelation of the night - if a man is childish, his wife/girlfriend will have to become his mother.

Friday, November 08, 2002

yesterday, i cycled from home to nie in the morning, and cycled from nie to hougang to meet toiletduckie over at hougang, then we'd go to trek3 frankel to look at the look bike again, then carried on with a brief stopover at vjc to see the theater. we carried on with a visit to east coast park, and soon it was time to go home. that was at least 70km on my bike for the day, i think...

Thursday, November 07, 2002

just saw prof angela wong and sorted out the re-doing of the practicum. will get back to her next friday regarding the choice of whether to change supervisor or not. and whether to change school or not. hmmm. ponder, ponder.

some idiots posted some derogatory stuff about yujun on hardwarezone forums... make limpeh "tulan"...

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

oh yeah man! exams are over! it's finally time to cycle with a vengeance!

went out on the train with wooi ling to bugis, where we'd mistakenly got off the train and paid the fares - only to have her suddenly saying everyone's in marina square instead. wasted some more money there for transport (as if i didn't waste enough money on the ezlink card these couple of days) and we made our way to city hall - only one stop away. now she insisted that i go home once henry arrives from lavender. it wasn't the first time for the day that she told me to go back home. so once henry came, i told him to bring her away as i walked off. she used his phone to call me, and i picked up the first time, and hung up once i heard her voice. later another call came. i just hit the 'cancel' button. two messages came. i didn't feel like replying at all. don't try to get back to me and say sorry if you continually insisting that you want me to go home - especially when i don't have the intention to do so. yes, i'm pissed.

i then made my way on foot to various places, such as bras basah complex. looked high and low for the issue of runner's world featuring president george bush jr., but couldn't find it. the entire bras basah complex stocks chinese novels and magazines, but english magazines are an abysmal lot. saw creative circle that eunice mentioned of late, but open this time. swee lee music seems to have expanded so much since the last time! i checked the price of the polar s710 at a shop on the ground floor, but after discount, it's still $498... still a hefty 58 bucks more than the $440 i can get. walked around bugis junction, couldn't mingle with the crowd because i was wearing the department t-shirt. danged. but i picked up a copy of october's triathlete magazine. oh, haven't mentioned that i saw gerald yeo at the city hall mrt earlier.

anyway, the bike store opposite bugis junction, is a no brainer to avoid. as i was looking around a bike store opposite bugis junction (i'm making it obvious enough), there was this young lad with a sidi bullet if i'm not mistaken, who didn't know how to fit in a shimano spd cleat into his shoe. so he asked in a fairly humble manner, for the storeowner to help. the storeowner seemed to have a not-so-happy attitude to the poor chap who declared he was at his wits' end. alright, it wasn't any of my business. but being interested in the price of brake callipers, i asked for the price of the xtr brake calipers. without even visual contact (in fact, he was looking out at the street), he said $xxx. alright, maybe i had chosen a bad time to come. but what happened next is really called "excused brain". as i was looking into his glass showcase, as i found out a split second later, he blared the horn of some motorized scooter in his already-claustrophobic shop space and i was about to go OOOOWWW! i managed to prevent making any auditory reaction. he didn't even bother to look at me nor the other guy to apologize for shocking us. clearly a case of excused brain. excuse me while i excuse him from my business for good.

walked all the way to orchard, but suddenly i just decided to go over to trek3 frankel after confirming the stock of something good there... and i bought myself the 2002 usps team short for 90 bucks! just tested it out on a brief 5 to 10k ride. feels great! feels like having a soft pillow to sit on top of the bike saddle...

the service at trek3 frankel, as i see if, is fantastic. alex is a very much soft-spoken man, and he is an exceptional example of the ideal bike store guy. i was also shown by one of the staffers of the shop, this look bike that was labelled, "world champion 1994 carbon fiber". it's outfitted with a fair lot of dura-ace components, and it's just going for 600 dollars! i'm planning to pay it a visit, after all having an old bike is still better than no road bike...

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

mistake, i wrote that the black evolution was an evolution v. it's only an evolution iv. apologies to melanie for that mistaken information.

today i forgot to tap out my ezlink card twice. sigh, how much money did i lose due to it today?

went out for the car lovers' carnival again today afternoon, and spent six more bucks to get in. unlike yesterday where i was just as blur if not worse, i filled up this whatever lucky draw coupon. i had submitted unwittingly a blank entry yesterday (sunday) because i didn't take a second look at my ticket. today, i made up for my shortcoming - not taking enough pictures of the race princesses (i don't call them race queens because i have this impression in my mind that queens means o-l-d) by the dozens! and boy oh boy, will the guys get an eyeful on my site! but be warned, two out of the six race princesses will raise dubious how-the-heck-did-she-become-one quizzical stare from anyone... ooh, i'm soooo bad! kind of a pity though, the girl in the black outfit, she has a fairly photogenic face, but her lil' lovehandles are a tad too easily visible over the synthetic bottoms she's wearing...

ah yes, saw perq jon there with his girlfriend (just received his email too), and celebrity-wise, we had aileen tan and florence tan, as well as tay ping hui at the car show. sorry girls, no pics of the guy - he was just browsing through the place, not a guest celebrity...

so now, even more pictures on my webshots gallery. enjoy!

Monday, November 04, 2002

popped over to singapore expo for the car lovers' carnival in the afternoon yesterday... here's some sweet girls to make any guys' day... i'll be going back again today and attempt to get the number of the first girl whose picture appears below. thinks she should be fairly sporty - not athletic, but sporty.

and a couple of car pics to make you guys swoon like never before!

full gallery on my newest webshots account.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

wait. i correct myself. cycling on slicks is very different. absolutely easy to crank out speeds that i couldn't sustain in the past. a tad too nimble though, i must add.

met zaskargal while i was on the way over to trek3 frankel avenue - chatted a little while. then met bernard who finished training at the old spe. reached trek3 frankel only to be told the 2002 usps tights were out of stock - the last two pieces were transferred over to the holland road branch. aiyoh!

the papers were ok. etm201 was absolutely a breeze in the park. gotta find out that girl's name, miss seat-number-263. her eyes, i tell you... oh my God! but she's really a looker. socio-psycho was soooo open-ended that smoking it was clueless!... as in, don't know how to smoke it, because it's too open-ended!...

went to mavic's area for bak chor mee, while i treated him teh peng. long time no talk since the world cup fiasco. no thanks to some girls then though. but anyway i think mavic's got the idea why i was doing certain things then. reclaimed an ancient 486 by c&g of funan centre (or is it sim lim square?) and passed it to zongde. took heck of a long time to find mavic's block, although it's just over a flyover from his own place!

educated this middle aged lady who works in the sia dunno-what centre about cycling. she might be a tad too chatty because she said she's staying alone. and in case you don't know things, just like her, please stay off expressways for cycling for your own life. and get a helmet and safeguard your insurance policy. oh, forgot to mention that i gave mavic a bike how-to session for free... while i was enjoying myself taking his tires apart...

saw loads of supercars on the roads these few days - saw two evolution vii's today (saturday) - one of them (white) at ntu, but i missed the number plate. the other was spotted in bedok, near blk 85. number plate sdr8527c, evolution vii white.
sdk 6666j evolution vii red. forgot when and where i saw this. stored in my handphone too long already.
scp2727 gt-r r34 white. spotted this one at bukit timah road as i turned towards jalan jurong kechil on thursday evening.
sdu3631 gt-r r34 black spotted along dunearn road on saturday evening.

and speaking of cars, look at this:
car lovers super carnival 2002
2 november 2002 - 4 november 2002 : 11am - 10pm
hall 5
$6 per adult. children under 12 years old free.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

just came back from visiting woody at his hostel at hall 12 to graft the calculator approval sticker from his roommate's calculator to mine... yes! all settled liao...

wah, disappointing - i posted the pictures from talkingcock.com but didn't get a single comment. then no other comment about the post i put up about melody... is there anyone reading my blog one a not?... sigh...

Friday, November 01, 2002

today's exercise physiology paper was straightforward and easy. thank God that i was revising with angie last night, otherwise i'd be d-e-a-d. but it's scary how she memorizes stuff that makes her an equivalent of a human dictionary!...

shouldn't have swum so much after the paper today though. feel achy all over now - haven't swum in ages. past tomorrow's papers, it's 80% of my exams done... good thing for the swimming though - i'm now able to swim the 25 meter pool at 24 strokes for freestyle fairly consistently. target: to chop that down to 21... then in november/december, can do training with vdare162, kit leong, and pris.

and now, for my seating numbers for the next few papers:
epa203 #316,
epa205 #98

oops. just recalled that i didn't get the approval stamp for my calculator for tomorrow's maths! but then again, can make it one lar...

ok la, cycling on slicks not much different, other than being much easier to pick up speed and keep on rolling... that's about it. maybe i didn't pump up the tires hard enough...

just finished my bak chor mee that i bought from the jurong west 24 hour kopitiam, after revising with angie in her hostel room. ok, gotta get back to my exercise physiology papers to do final revisions now...