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Friday, May 31, 2002

hmm. what did i do yesterday? i cycled to alwyn's block to pass him my marche moo! moo! card, so that the class could get a 10% discount for the entire meal in where else, marche... then i cycled over to valerie's and fixed up a little of her bike - adjusted the front brakes so that the bike wouldn't squeek when it's on the move, and changed the de facto black saddle to my previous powertools/velo saddle... at least it looks better this way! i also lent her my logitech digital camera for her trip to bali (lucky girl) and taught her how to use it... in return for my services, she treated me to tao hway chwee and gave me a rice dumpling plus an apple... wow... back to the days of barter trade...

anyway, last night, dr a.r. bernard gave his part 2/3 of his conference on excellence. most important discovery (sort of) - we're not products of time. we're products of God but we're put in time with a specific purpose. jeremiah 1:5 - "before I formed you I knew you".

finally, i'm feeling tired from cycling. gotta relieve the pressure from my crotch (from saddle soreness). i sure don't know what you're thinking about, but i sure like the way you're thinking... (one of the lines from the renowned "johnny" email jokes...) but seriously, sitting on the saddle for so many hours continually for days really gets some pressure there... not good! and my legs are really tired now... gosh... time for rest... imagine - yesterday alone i cycled from home to bedok reservoir road, then over the clementi, then over to church (boon lay) and then back home again... that's at least 60 kilometers, i think...

hey ash! we're supposed to go swimming today, right? you still haven't wake up yet?... tell you what... i join you in slumberland first... damned tired too.. later see how ok? better still ask mavic along lar, he's not working today... zzzz...

p.s. i hope janice realises how valued the ticket i gave her to pastor sun's concert are. last night during service, pastor kong announced that for the first night, all the tickets have been taken... and for the second night, only about 200 tickets are left... *gulp*... i can see the sun... i can see the sun with love...

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

went to sentosa with valerie. after meeting her at her place to borrow only her beach volleyball, i ended up waiting for her, and we cycled to sentosa. pretty short distance away, i'd say. then later on, janice came.

dinner was with wendy and her guy, eileen and martyn, mavic and me.

Sunday, May 26, 2002

yesterday was a mad, mad cycling day. i cycled all the way to the end of east coast park, and actually hit changi coastal road! then i decided to find out how far changi naval base was... after all, we kayaked past it during the obs expedition... and when i was going back to east coast park, i met my lecturer/tutor mary-anne heng cycling towards where i was just returning from!

mavic and i managed to watch messengers on his computer, after we had makaned the famous bedok blk 85 bak chor mee in his kitchen...

oh, by the way, today dr. phil pringle preached from john 6 regarding faith. it just really coincides with the fish! philosophy that i'm reading of late... and by the way, the bubble tea guys here at my place here, i-cup are really an active bunch, and the mango milk tea with strawberry pudding really rocks!

anyway, i'm trying hard now to ask janice, mavic and ash along to join me and my friends to sentosa tomorrow. we're doing a "free and easy" program tomorrow, so minimally, suntanning, beach volleyball (i'm gonna borrow a beach volleyball from valerie first thing tomorrow morning), cycling, swimming, slacking (new activity!) and makaning are on the cards... anyone who's going to sentosa tomorrow can give me a buzz at 9640-8500 if you wanna meet up...

Saturday, May 25, 2002

today (no, yesterday) i cycled back to nie for the graduation bash for the graduating classes, and while i was cycling there, i decided to stop by where wendy was doing that fuzion smoothie thingie and try it out. have to support my mei mar... i'll be popping by to support mavic soon too... i just got back home at about 12:40am, cycling back home to serangoon central. now i recall that i saw two cyclists as i was proceeding along boon lay way who smiled at me, while they themselves were on the main road. of course they were the more serious variety - those willing to spend on their bikes - but please don't ask me what's their bikes, because all i noticed was their friendliness.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

after meeting the pess orientation committee today at coffee bean scotts, i left the place to go to hup leong to take a look. nice giant tcrs there, plenty of norcos there too. i changed my front deraileur with a shimano xt cable, and changed the rear brakes to shimano deore pads. cost me 20 bucks for that - quite cheap! from there, i cycled over to tampines to pass janice the copy of pastor sun's album to her, along with the ticket. she suggested going together in a group of three to the concert... now, why didn't i think of that!

just came back from this special bible study session by pastor kong entitled "current world events in bible prophecies". i just re-realized that i need to be of stronger faith, to do Him glory. as i commuted to the church via cab, the taxi driver gave me some thoughts about how i could improve the situation/relation i have with my father, now that i love my mom a lot more... gosh, gotta sleep early, will be cycling to nie in the morning today...

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

just finished watching waterboys, and now i'm starting to watch messengers. i realized some time ago that these japanese movies are very inspirational, and gets a feel-good vibe in me, and reminds me not to give up pursuing my dreams.

both janice and i just finished exchanging sms'es regarding what i feel for her... she's not really ready, and she feels that i'm kind of fast. well, i agree that i'm moving kind of fast, but what experience do i have? none for the matter. there are so many girls who i've seen passing by, or around me in my daily life, but none of them has sunken into the depths of my heart the way she has. frankly i have no idea why or what i like about her, but there's the special feeling there, beyond words. in fact, when i couldn't get adeline earlier this year, i took it as a sign from God that he would want to pair me up with a fellow Christian, of whom happened to be janice.

Monday, May 20, 2002

just went out with guobin today evening to boonbikes, and bought myself the giro pneumo helmet, in the rabobank limited edition team colours! there was the carrying case included, all for just $288! thankfully it was a 10% discount instead of what the auntie originally mentioned to me the last time, which was 5%... i also grabbed myself finishline's wax/krytox based lubricant for my bike chain... now i'm fully color coordinated - i've got asics running shoes that are somewhat orange, my stock of various orange tee-shirts and also not forgetting, the matching orange based helmet and the orange based bicycle frame! by the way, that's jeanette's favourite color!

just last night (or rather, today's wee hours), i followed a link from eileen's site and saw that i'm apparently on the top 10 popular searchsg guys' sites! i was baffled with what wendy was writing on her blog some time back... but now i know what it means liao... the curious thing is, i couldn't even find myself listed in searchsg.org, so how could i be listed?

anyway, now i'm itching to find gordon to get back my messengers vcd...

partly pertaining to the last post, i admit i'm a buaya online (by only kar-cheow the girls), but i have only janice seriously on my mind. yenyee, your last comment was quite a slap in the face, although i'm pretty sure your original positive intention and tone was lost in in the same way that sometime we lose through sms and end up riling our friends... i'm sure there's some misunderstanding here lor... i mean, if you still do link me up from your site, there's no logical way you're gonna throw me a hard knock... right?

just be careful of the tonality (erm... i'm not talking about music here) of your sentences when you type, my dear friends - avoid the unnecessary misunderstanding that will strain relations...

oh yeah, just went to andia's site... and saw the plug she did for pastor sun... andia you're from chc too? her plug reminded me of what i saw on the saturday date with janice... as we were going to somerset mrt, i heard a couple of girls scream the same way that they do when they see tom cruise (you get the drift), and i thought that was just playfulness. but when they screamed again and pointed at the tv screen on orchard emerald, i turned back, looked, and then smiled, for i saw pastor sun's mtv/advertisement shown there... cool!

just finished reading two review sites for the giro pneumo helmet. at $300, it definitely isn't cheap, but with all the positive reviews, i'll go get it... take a look for yourself at this first review site and this second review site... of course edward, and some of the other cycling guys told me a bell helmet would work out fine, but since i'm gonna have only one head, spending a big amount for this justifies the knowing that i'm protected... so that mom wouldn't need to worry sick over me, and janice wouldn't have the chance to squirm at my buang pics...

How Gay Are YOU?

thank God for this! this means that i'm practically the perfect (oops, sounds too egoistic... "suitable" sounds better) guy for janice!

Sunday, May 19, 2002

hmm... this is a short summary of what we did back in obs for the last few days...

10th may - day 1 : we basically did some orientation to the camp itself. looks just like a resort! most of the diploma group guys and gals noticed my bicycling injuries when i took off my red iridium oakley pro m frames. most of the girls (ceqin, debbie) showered me with concern so sincere that i'd sworn they are my own sisters. we did a few kayak capsize drills in the afternoon, and then had a first aid briefing for the night. i messaged janice to let her know that i brought in my handphone to obs because i couldn't bear to lose contact with her. the dear girl was pleasantly surprised that i changed my original decision not to bring my phone over, because of her, or so i infer.

11th may - day 2 : we did some some rockwall climbing in the morning, learning about belaying in the process, and then carried on with some more kayaking stuff for the afternoon... and basically day 1 of our land expedition. we made our way in the evening over to obs camp 2, after two wrong turns and backtracks. learnt how to cook the same soft quality rice using messtins from hairil - we managed to get really good soft rice for eating!

12th may - day 3 : did the flying fox and the wild wuzzy obstacles in the morning. then in the afternoon, we paddled from obs camp 2 to tanjong kekek to set up camp. we even had a dip in the hdb quarry. of course we had to get the clearance from the nparks authorities... so don't even think of it otherwise. the water depth probably averages 25 meters for each quarry... or even deeper!

13th may - day 4 : in the morning, we walked back from tanjong kekek back to obs camp 1. we packed our stuff for the sea expedition before midnight.

14th may - day 5 : kayaked from obs camp 1 over to sparkc at east coast. loqman, who was my rear kayaker, was pulled out of our kayak when he puked bad at changi. nizam took over his position, and we had a tiff nearing sparkc because i was also exhausted. i also called janice to let her know where i was in the evening. edward, the resident class triathlete, fell sick with a high fever... in the night, most of us wanted to boycott the entire expedition because of the many people who were (sea)sick or having fever...

15th may - day 6 : siva said that we should be professional in our behaviour as pe teachers, and then we all got rolling and kayaked from sparkc over to sisters' islands. angie was my front kayaker, but even before we paddled 200 meters, she just puked. she had just finished praying to rid herself of the puking i guess. instead, dylan joined me, and i moved to the front of the kayak, while he took the back. we were the roving kayak where he would do the co-ordination to help the entire contigent safely through the busy fairways and channels that we had to cut through to the sisters' islands. we reached the islands at about 3 pm... and i basically moved around the small island (pular subar darat) in my trunks and my soccer jersey for most of the day just to cool down. hot weather mar... i also called janice to let her know how it was like at the island... i tried my hand at using handlines to catch fish for the instructors, but instead lost an entire line... oops...

16th may - day 7 : kayaked from sisters' islands back to sparkc with angie as my front kayaker. thankfully she didn't throw up this time. but i admit i pushed her hard. sometimes, you just have to push people hard for their own good.

17th may - day 8 : kayaked back with chee yuen from sparkc back to ubin. was damned fatigued by the experience, but feeling strong and able to push further. made arrangements with janice for a dinner date with her on saturday night.

18th may - day 9 : did the tomawalk, which was like two logs suspended almost four storeys high. we were prompted to reflect on how we would do things, as we mentally prepared to do the obstacle. we all made it. after the whole course ended, i just went over to orchard to meet janice and her friend shiang ling for dinner at marche's at heeren. verda was also at the heeren with jude, but i didn't wanna leave my dear janice just to see my blogger pals. met matthew yeo in marche's as well.

you can take a look at my obs camp photo album here. took a grand total of 313 pictures, but missed out taking a pic with obs instructor wee ling. so far i've only uploaded 130 or so pics...

by the way, i bought two copies of pastor sun's sun with love album, and i'm giving one to janice. hope she will like it... will invite her for the performance on 13th june at the indoor stadium...

may i add that janice also allowed me to walk her all the way back to the bus stop nearest to her block, of which if it were to be any closer, her mom might spot us and raise some turbulence... initially she didn't want me to send her all the way back, because she didn't want her mom to misunderstand, but once i asked her if she would allow me to do so if that were not to be the case, she just said that she would feel guilty that i'm walking her back with a such a heavy load after obs... oh shucks... i feel lovey-dovey liao...

Saturday, May 18, 2002

just came back from a double dinner date with janice and her friend shiang ling. of course, you know who i'm interested in! i've gotta get my usb connection up and running first so i can get my photos up...

Thursday, May 09, 2002

ok, this is the final posting before i set off to obs tomorrow morning... i believe that i have somewhat made a little breakthrough into her heart. i mean, i'm trying to be who and what i am lor - just plainly sweet lor - and i think she is a little... paiseh, obviously. but i'm sure that we'll get together... Jesus will help me to achieve it.

and one piece of bad news - the outer side of my left eye - the internal bleeding is making my eye look red. if you looked at me straight face-to-face, you will be able to see the bloodied eyeball area. just hope that it will not affect my vision. in the worst case, i pray that she can accept me if i'm only able to see with one eye.

take care, my friends. till i come back!...

me > how are you today?
her > much better. how are you too?
me > i'm falling again...
her > wat?
me > i think i like the fall...
her > huh?
me > i'm falling for you...
her > hehe...

but she's not ready yet, so i'll wait.

for the first time i bought mom a little something for mothers' day. one piece of blueberry cake... think she loves this lor... actually, i'm very thankful for the bike crash. if not for it, i wouldn't have realized how much mom still cares for me... i mean, she actually put her hand to my head and calls out, "sayang leh..." you get the idea... although at times she gets naggy - like asking me to take the tian qi to assist in recovery - i now can find that little something in my heart that tells me to love her more than i ever used to. the Holy Spirit is working into my life daily, i feel.

and folks, i'll be leaving OBS tomorrow morning, and will be back only on the 18th... so i'll miss all of you while i'm there... but i'll miss janice most... (although we last met almost two months ago...)

almost got knocked down on bedok north road, while i was going to meet that someone i mentioned in the previous post. the mitsubishi lancer driver came zipping right beside me, and thankfully only his left side mirror hit me, and the mirror collapsed in. the sound of the impact was scary, and i responded by shouting "KNN!"... only to realise that wasn't him i was targetting with that expletive. somemore, it's mothers' day this sunday. not nice to swear at his mother - when i wanted to target him. anyway, i'm thankful he didn't bonk me down. have you all ever noticed that local drivers are always racing instead? always rushing, and can't give way to cyclists who are trying to avoid that on-ramp to the expressway...

as for that someone, he did some basic explanation, but not fully in the flesh. he admitted that the money was diverted to other purposes in helping a sister of his who was divorcing. then he showed me this traditional chinese toy that i initially couldn't be bothered with at all. but since i was lppl for that matter, i just gave that toy a try, and found it to be very much challenging and brain-engaging. it does have its educational value, and i think most schools would make it necessary for students to buy it... mavic, through sms, was really worked up. but i was rather impressed by the toy that i wanted to borrow one set to let mavic try it out and challenge him... that's how good it was.

by the way, i proposed to janice via sms just before i saw the somebody. i've gotta have her in my life... or i'll lose my mind. i need her. she gave me a half-half kind of answer, saying, "i cannot agree to it... i am too stressed out... bogged down by work and study..." i guess that's why i am even more than willing to offer everything of me to her - to relieve her of the stresses that she faces daily. but of course, Jesus gets higher priority than her. i know this sounds too cliched, but i'm more than willing to do anything for her - so long as it's legal. my blog readers are witness to what i say here. earlier in the afternoon, she asked me what i liked about her, and i replied, her personality, and warmth - and there's this feeling of Godliness i can sense from her - most Christians have it, but she gives me this sensation that she has more of it than most Christians do. i need some of that to rub off onto me, so i can be a better person. for my mom, God, Jesus, janice herself, and me. and a lot more people.

after the meeting with somebody ended, i cycled from bedok over to tampines, and when i called mavic, he had just left tampines. danged. so i looked around the pasar malam around eileen's place and sms-ed janice if she wanted anything, like "ting ting candy", maltose candy... or the "tu tu keuh". poor girl replied she was having a headache... so i messaged her to sleep early and rest well... i'll see if there's another chance soon...

as i was half exploring around tampines, i decided to call sis to find out what food mom likes. gosh, she doesn't know either! then i called mom direct, and asked her what she would like to eat. she then said she wanted wonton mee and hum-chee-peng. gosh. all the way to tampines, only to buy that? then i was trying to find a place to buy them from, then i decided to go buy the bak chor mee from bedok blk 85. after buying and as i was cycling back, along the opposite side of bedok north road where i came earlier in the evening, i came so close to getting knocked down. all the vehicles were speeding so fast from the road, going onto the expressway, without letting me bypass that on-ramp - and forcing me to go to the expressway! damned motorists... then after i finally made my way over the top of the flyover, it started to rain! argh!... had to pull off the road and make my way to some hdb blocks around there...

got home, passed mom the bak chor mee, and wiped my bike dry. but the last thing that i'm happy with is, mom loved the bak chor mee... anything to get it was well worth it... i love my mom.

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

i just came back from the np bike club meeting. not that the meeting extended all the way to the wee hours, but that we went for dinner. we all met at the nyc youth park, and after that we went over to marina south, but since there wasn't any halal food there for our three muslim friends, we decided to go back to lau pa sat instead. after eating, we cycled over to the raffles place area, where some of our friends with the downhill bikes did some stunts. and i mean, stunts. that was really an eye-opener for me, i'll say. then we proceeded to go back home, and then i followed justin, marcus and melvin over to simei. we went to east coast park, where the guys wanted to eat and drink a little before carrying on. we all changed destination to east coast road, upon my suggestion. after eating, we would go east, but then the guys gracefully accompanied to find that someone who owes me $1900.

when i talked to him at his place, that person said he needed preparation to explain what happened, and he added that he could explain, but it's up to me to accept the explanation. he told me he had a family problem. does that entitle him to take my money? that amount's one and a half months of my pay! worse of all, i have no idea how am i gonna afford to get something for mom. this weekend, if you didn't realise, is mothers' day. i just realised that i actually love mom a lot, but i take her for granted and would even berate her if i felt she was too paranoid about my activities. she loves me a lot too, for she carried me in her womb for nine months just to deliver me to this world. and there are so many things that she did for me, but i rejected them because i felt i was not deserving of it. there are so many things that i feel that i've let down my parents. i recall that time when i busted my knee, and i was going suicidal, thinking, how come so many other people just go through bmt just once and get through it, but i could actually fail? and furthermore, in neglecting their advice, that $1900 is now somewhere else. and especially her brush with breast cancer last year... i realise that i should show her all the affection that i can... but i keep that mask on me all the time. that mask that prevents me from saying that i love her so.

after all that cycling back with the guys to simei, i cycled to elsewhere to take some photos. i called eileen, but she was at chalet. i called mavic, but he was really tired and really needed to sleep. the time was now 2am. then i cycled slowly back home. along the route, i stopped at a moment of time, at a bus stop along paya lebar road, and i cried. deep down in me, i love my parents, but i've done so much to hurt them, to disappoint them, and even neglected their judgement. i really feel like hugging mom tightly and crying out tears of gratefulness. i felt so down that i would rather have some big vehicle mow me down as i cycled back home. i wanted so much to just really get a nasty fall, and break my neck while i was speeding on the road. i didn't feel like living anymore.

i've some things that i don't feel that i can tell my parents. not even my friends, as much as i trust them. i need to tell someone, besides the Holy One, about all these things i encounter. all so often, i've felt so lonely, deep down inside. i feel that i shouldn't take time which my good friends could spend together with their girlfriends, to talk over my problems and such. it would be so selfish. janice, i hope you're reading this. i understand this may backfire on me, but i want to let you know how i feel. so many times, i wish that there was someone i can fully confide in. how i wished too, that i had someone who would confide in me as well. a person who i can tell things that i feel i can't tell anyone else. someone to give, and to receive an endearing hug from. i hope this very person will be you. yes, all this seem rushed, but i do not know if i deserve you at all. let us develop a relationship, God and Jesus willing and helping. i swear to God, that i will not ever break your heart, and i will do my utmost to let you be happy. i need you. i want to anchor down my life for you.

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

janice smsed me this morning, asking how i was! i'm so touched! i'm recovering fast enough... fast enough so that i'm going to outward bound school for nine days... from 10th may to 18th may, my dear friends. *sob...* will miss you all... shucks, won't be bringing my handphone with me for the matter... but i'll remember everyone, especially janice...

"... absence makes the heart grow fonder..."

actually, i'm very thankful things didn't turn out worse.
  • my bike didn't crush me (i think it probably weighs about 15 kg, when flying i have no idea about its effective weight)
  • i landed on this small patch of grass beside the concrete pavement - didn't smash my ribs landing on a hard surface
  • i don't have any fracture or skeletal injury
  • i can see with both my eyes (thank my oakleys for that one)
  • i can still eat and talk
  • my injuries are localized to only my left face and right knee (and no more!) - i'm unscathed otherwise!
  • i can actually tell lame jokes practically right after the accident to huiling!

i guess, being an optimist is more important. i was telling lame jokes to huiling and although i was the injured one, i was the one doing more laughing too! and when you laugh, no matter how much physical or emotional pain you're suffering will leave you - try it! but i'm not asking you to try inflicting pain on yourself lar... use your blain ok?

i must admit though, right after the impact, i was thinking, "gosh, what would happen to my oakleys?" well, it was fine - not broken. and even unscratched! then when i saw my fairly new specialized saddle with a small rip at the side, i was thinking sigh... "there goes the new saddle..." until i checked the bike, and thank God that it was made of chromoly, which is damned strong, only 2nd next to steel frames that weigh like a... lot more! the rims were still intact, and i still could actually ride my way back home... isn't all this proof that Jesus is looking after me?

a few more pics of how i look now:

i wanna get some mascara to make both sides look the same... in fact, i think people would think it's a drag show! tricia mei! i need some of your cremes and eyeshadows! i've got one eyeshadow liao! verda! you too!

oh, by the way, girls, i understand that getting as many smoochies on my black eye can help it recover... who's agreeable?

Monday, May 06, 2002

yes! today i finally buanged, not once, but twice! had one minor accident when i was cycling out from ntu's jalan bahar exit, where my bike was going at high speed and i couldn't really handle the speed on the sharp right turn. so i sort of engaged the rear brake, but both wheels came real close to the curb, and then i must have jammed on the brakes, because next thing i remember was that briefly (split second) i was standing against the curb, and i sorta flew over my left side. my khs bicycle was unscathed, but i scraped my knee, at the left lateral collateral ligament.

second buang was under the mrt tracks near the buona vista mrt station. right opposite the ghim moh block 40 there, i was supposed to meet huiling at holland village for some makan, so i kinda went fast. i was supposed to go up this curb that was where the pedestrians have to tread anyway, but again, i was going fast - because i was thinking of going to hup leong at chin swee street to look at their bicycle wares. i think i must have sided the front wheel along the direction of the kerb, because it was somewhat curved, and then i just rolled and everything, and then i ended up just with my face right above this small longkang. i think i look more handsome now! while i was gargling my mouth (inner gums bleeding too, you see) and spitting out red water, i saw msg (master sergeant) vijay walking in my direction while i was sitting there! haha... even when i have an accident i can also find a person whom i know of! ash, you've gotta give it to me for this! from there, i called mavic, and of course huiling, telling her to get ready for a surprising new look that i'm sporting.

after washing up my face and blah blah blah stuff at the toilet at kfc holland village, i was asked by huiling to get some ice. i then went back into the restaurant to ask for some. i must comment though, the staff manager at kfc holland village for being so helpful! i went in to ask for two small cups of ice, and upon seeing my face, not only did she give me a BIG cup, but a big stack of paper towels! so there are still helpful people all around! yaay! ok, maybe when people see my face anywhere, they're willing to give me ice and papers towels on the house! both huiling and me then sat outside burger king while i did some ice application to my face. my face! there was this small kid who was stealing glances at me, and when i spotted him doing so, i just flashed a wide grin at him! man, it was kinda fun, although i admit the swollen gums isn't very comfortable...

then after asking, huiling told me she was meeting a friend at black angus' for dinner, so i told her to take the bus to go there while i cycled... as i was cycling just outside gleneagles hospital, gino ng just cut me by on a racing bicycle... couldn't chase up to him to show my face... anyway, i reached black angus much faster than huiling. then i just sat there, with my bike upside down, and then she was talking on the phone. there was this bugger who was sizing her up as he was passing her by less than an arm width away! i was thinking of scaring him off with my buanged face... oh, the most likely reason why was because she was wearing this... white tube top? and jeans... guys, go imagine...

Sunday, May 05, 2002

just came back from church - now i need to get ready to ask a couple of people out. gordon, cue (real name mark), mavic, hanwei, amelia and her guy. hopefully we're all going for bak chor mee, but i wouldn't mind cycling to changi village for the nasi lemak. thankfully the rain has stopped too. just today, i met former 6engrs s1 chia sze boon on the mrt train back home, and had a chat with him. he's studying eee in ntu now, going year 3 already! at the bus stop where i wait for a bus home from the station, i saw cell group mate deborah at the bus stop! i also met former vs head prefect william han on the bus trip back from the mrt station to home. woah.

Saturday, May 04, 2002

just came back from orchard road. today, i attended the sports taping course in from 2:30 to about 5pm back at pess, quite interesting. teck hong did the test taping on my right ankle, which was too tight, but the worst came when it was removal time! ouch! my leg hair! after that, i tongpanged with mr. k to orchard road (the ttsh physiotherapist ms lau and mr anwari along too) and got off the car near borders, and when i was crossing the road, i saw sean and his girl. talked a lil, then i went to borders, but couldn't find the current issue of triathlete magazine. as i was walking along orchard boulevard, then i met loy, my former campmate during oeti days. he's gonna ord next june! after yakking for a while, i continued my way to kinokuniya trying to find the same thing, but still couldn't find it, and then i went to the heeren... then surprise, surprise! met wendy at the heeren, looking good in a yellow top!

saw a couple of interesting bikes though. saw one urban cyclist on a full suspension fuji bike, and then a sintesi snake on display in the storefront of timberland centerpoint. saw one more wheeler locked outside plaza singapura, but it had one of those lau-ah-pek racks across the rear wheel...

now i think i'm going out for bak chor mee with mavic at bedok blk 85, because there isn't dinner cooked at home.

oh yeap, i had a couple of small cycling accidents to share. of course they were small cases, otherwise you think i'm typing from heaven?

that day (thursday) i was at clementi central in the afternoon when it was drizzling, and i was cycling at the junction where there's the ntuc. this taxi could have either moved on straight ahead, or turned left, but it just stayed there, and when i realized it wasn't gonna budge, i started to engage my brakes. oops. too late, my left handlebar kissed the boot of the taxi. luckily, i was not thrown off the bike, nor was the taxi damaged in any way.

friday, as i was cycling into the ntu campus, this white car overtook me, and i just allowed it to pass me by. and since it was a downslope, i just let the bike roll and gain its own speed, and without cycling, my bike was like 3 meters behind the car. then suddenly i saw the car slow down for the hump, and then when i jammed on my rear brakes, i had a minor skid to my right, but i was still on my feet (and wheels). woah. two mini-accidents in two days...

and not to forget cycling in heavy rain on wednesday night itself back from clementi central...

Friday, May 03, 2002

how would you rate this design for a class t-shirt?

did it wednesday night on photoshop 6.0. comments?

Thursday, May 02, 2002

called cannondale asia regarding the price of the cannondale multisport 2000 bike that i was eyeing. gosh, the price i saw in cotech's copy of the catalog was $3,300. imagine my horror when daniel of cannasia told me the standard spec (as posted on the cannondale website) would cost $4,500! argh! gosh... how am i gonna afford the bike? i asked alex on what he thinks, and he told me it would be most wise to hang on to my $$$ first, and instead, try racing a triathlon on the khs that i now own, first before making the big plunge. sheesh... but at least i can save the $$$ for dating first... right?

gotta get ready for the orientation stuff for the incoming pess batch. hopefully, she's coming in this july... so that i can see her...

oh, by the way, the reason why i'm blogging from within the nie library is because my computer just screwed up on me last night. it couldn't detect my hard disk. moral of the story - never plug in/out any expansion cards into/out of your computer when there is still the raw atx power still being supplied to the motherboard.