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Monday, January 29, 2007

i might just be in the market for a new mobile - and found this comparison tool very handy for nokia users.

i'm also ordering a thinktank airport check in and some other items together with a new friend. doug has been extremely efficient at handling the ordering process... and it's less than one full day from my first email, i've received at least five replies from him from the same number of mails from myself!

as for a laptop computer, i'm looking at either the fujitsu t4210, or if budget allows, t4215. let's see how things turn out to be...

also came across a nice hooter's calendar, just a little note about how to disturb nsfs, as well as things not to say about girls too...

Monday, January 22, 2007

this is just an off-the-cuff lyrics from the smurfs' lullaby... (apparently it's called brahms' "cradle song"... thanks ken!)

try to sleep now, close your eyes
soon the birds will stop singing
twinkling stars are shining bright
they'll be watching you all night

all the things you enjoyed on this beautiful day
all your friends, all your toys
will be waiting for you to play

try to sleep now, close your eyes
try to think of tomorrow
all the stars wish you good night
so i'm switching off the lights

one more hug, one more smile
kiss you once, kiss you twice
i'll be here for awhile
try to sleep now and close your eyes

Monday, January 15, 2007

one more ticket to go to the singapore slingers vs melbourne tigers match this wednesday, 17 jan 730pm... any takers? i doubt there's complimentary makan, but hey, who's interested just give me a call at 9640-8500...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

in this line called insurance, specifically, life insurance, one comes across the character of people very well.

there are friends who are constantly unable to make an appointment for unknown reasons, and are not willing to say why they're not comfortable about meeting up.

there are friends who say one thing and mean another. i'm not if they deserve to be called "friends", to be awfully honest.

there are friends who you can't contact at all in any way - calls and sms to their mobiles or to their homes, and won't ever return calls. that's after promising to work up a mutual schedule to meet up on the initial call. only to find out quite some time after, that they're not comfortable about saying the initial "no", so some of them will take up a slot of your own schedule and not turn up time and again, only to get themselves labelled "irresponsible".

is my line of work difficult?


it makes it really easy to see people, how their insecurities play up on them. at the same time, it does make for some kind of process, similar to weeding. to go on, all i need to choose is to move on. at least i'd know that the possible negative influences i have in my life are being weeded out, isn't that a good thing?

heck, i actually think it's worth celebrating!