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Sunday, March 31, 2002

oh, forgot to add in some quotes from robert kiyosaki from the "you can choose to be rich" seminar last night.

1. money won't make you rich.
2. never let "no money" be an excuse to stay poor, but an inspiration
3. if what others think of you affects you more than what you think of yourself, you're finished.
4. if you tell a child "not to make mistakes", you cripple the child emotionally, and mentally. (establishing a pattern of fear of making mistakes)
5. the hottest hot tip is "not to take hot tips".
6. the most expensive advice is FREE advice.
7. licenced accountants, brokers may not know what they're really doing.
8. when you pretend you don't have a problem, you ARE the problem.
9. the greatest risk is no education.

3 important keys to success
1. able to handle objections
2. not afraid to make mistakes
3. dare to ask from help. from smart people.

1. assets - something that puts money into your pocket whether you work or not.
2. liabilities - something that takes away your money.

by the way, robert said that by june this year, cashflow for kids will be made FREE on the internet!

p.s. i'm really interested in going for the 3 day advanced investment seminar conducted by robert kiyosaki, dr. dolf de roos and david novac... it costs S$3,500 though, that's all.

hmm... apparently some of the folks who commented in the earlier blog, have some views about city harvest. there's no point to be worked up over, but i don't know why some people said what they said. before i write anything, i forgot to let you all know that she's a Christian, but from lighthouse evangelism.

viv: thanks for sharing your opinions with me over the phone that night.
jude: i have found a new relation as a Christian all over again. so even though the other girl might be a really good girl, like wendy, i just cannot go for her. see what i mean?
millie: huh? corporate whore? i think your friend might have a biased opinion of us somehow, somewhere. i'll explain as far as i know.
delwen: ok, point taken.
yenyee: destroyed if people think like me? well, try this classic question - put the exact number of atoms of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and whatever... see if you can make a living cell. so far, no one can explain where life started. wanna try?
mavic: thanks for reading my blog. well, what i think is that she somehow heard from the wrong sources about city harvest. simple as that. but as i mentioned, i forgot to write that she's a Christian for a long time already, but from another church.
mervyn: hello merv? what circus?...
verda: you still locked in party mode? heehee... thanks for the help you've rendered of late leh!
wendy: it doesn't matter to me which church she's from, dear. it's just that for my case she seemed to object, you know what i mean?...
lyndy: nope, i don't think i know the correct people you know of.

what apparently happened was that she had some misunderstanding about city harvest - she heard from somewhere that a person will need to pay to join a ministry. final answer: no payment is taken. in fact, chances are you may not even qualify! simply too many people want to be part of it, but there are just limits, i guess. take a look at the ministries that we have in the church, and check out the qualifications needed... it just seems to me that just because city harvest is on the cutting-edge of worship and has splurged $48 million singapore dollars on just a church building, some from the other denominations of Christianity have to criticize us. well, the church, i agree personally costs a lot. but pastor kong explained to all of us, since we are going to have a house of the Lord, why not do it in the best way we can? somemore, building a really good building will last a longer time, and is more money-efficient. speaking in tongues? i admit the first time i heard it i was scared stiff, and then i just took a long time to recover from it. but i'm ok already, and i personally do not foresee that i have to do it anyway. as my cell-group leader said, it's better if one can do it, but it's not necessary to do it.

oh, by the way, i donated blood at the blood donation drive that city harvest community services association organized, at joo chiat community club. giving blood so others may have life pales in comparison to the Lord dying for us... remember, whether you're Christian, Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglician, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Protestant or the many many other denominations, or not, every single date you write on anything, anywhere, takes reference to the Easter day. wait, or is it Good Friday?... i'm still mixed up, but that's the rough idea.

Saturday, March 30, 2002

guys, i think that janice doesn't really like city harvest. i think, if she really doesn't like where i come from, i think a personal relational with God is more important than a relationship with a girl. what do you guys think?

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Daring to Fall - The Glory of Man is not in never falling, but in rising everytime he falls;
Daring to Try - He who has never failed, has actually never tried doing anything in life;
Daring to Dream - Dreams can be mere illusions, but can turn into reality when acted upon in real life.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

oh no! what should i do? i'm trying to date janice out for saturday's easter service... the only two times are 4:30pm and 7:30pm... and it's like suddenly after eng gave me a call, i got reminded that robert kiyosaki is giving his seminar at the singapore expo on saturday evening 7:30pm to 10:30pm... ok, so that means that i won't be going to the 7:30pm easter service, for sure. 4:30pm service? nah, unlikely, because when it finishes, it's almost time to start the seminar at the other end of the island!

how about sunday's easter services at 10:30am and 1pm? i could go for the earlier one, but i'm dead sure i can't go to the 1pm service, because come 3pm, there's the quarterly cash draw back at the p.t. magic kingdom showroom... 30 cash prizes ranging from $1000 to $5000! i mean, i can't afford not to be there, because it's a draw where the receipient has to claim the prize immediately!

after these elimination rounds, it seems that i only have three choices for easter service at chc: friday at 4:30pm and 7:30pm, or sunday at 10:30am. friday morning, i'll be going to janice's church in tampines in the morning... i'm hoping for a date after that... sunday wise, i don't think she would be able to make it for the 10:30am service, because she's in her church's choir... so i think i can only ask for her company for chc's easter service on friday... please say yes, janice!...

Take the What Kind of Slacker are you? Quiz

took this from jasmine's site.

anyway, today the primary one kids of mine did not have pe again, for the second consecutive day. i mean, the kids in front can sit down and listen, but imagine the rest of the boys who are supposed to sit at the back, were running to the far end of the hall, AGAIN!

just now i finished talking to tina, who would be going to university of toronto later this year. was sharing a "grievance" with her, about this really screwed up insurance guy. you see, late last year, this guy (whom i didn't know was in insurance for one) was at the nie pess lift lobby, and he was asking for donations, so i thought, why not? i promptly filled out a form, and passed him 10 bucks. i thought that would have been the last time i saw of him. until recently.

Synthetic Electronic Humanoid Skilled in Ultimate Assassination and Nullificationhe gave me a few calls, and then he told me he had a small gift/token to pass to me for my donation last year. so, on sunday night, we met up at the void deck of my block and then he suggested to me some investment stuff with great eastern insurance. this investment thing was about transferring some funds out of my cpf funds to invest in some unit trusts. to think he had the cheek to tell me that he was the game moderator for the cashflow board game!

this wasn't the thing that got me pissed off. on monday night, he asked me regarding my cpf funds statement of accounts, to which well, i really have no idea. then he'd offered, "since i go there daily, why not let me check it for you?" and so i passed him my 11b and signed a authorization letter... then he went to check it on monday itself. so far, so good. so on monday night, he'd ask me to authorize him to be my advisor for this investment thingie. guess what he told me when i didn't want to go along with it? "it isn't fair that i went to check it out for you..." yeah yeah yeah... i think you're not sincere, bugger! imagine, he was so fervent in looking for me just to hand me a gift? no-one will believe that, come on!... and the next best thing he did was to show that he was from an insurance company? and asking me to invest my cpf in unit trusts? come on, robert kiyosaki advises people against investing in unit trusts... so that was why i was suspecting him all along when he said he was the moderator for the cashflow board game.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

lemme recall what happened last night... i remember calling ennie and wendy-mei last night... ennie was cycling and using handsfree, if i remember correctly... surprise surprise, her boy stays soooo close to my place! hmm... wendy was preparing for her presentation today about "men are from mars, women are from venus". interesting topic!

school today was like... well, it went ok, but then the primary 1 kids... they had arrived earlier before the previous period ended, so i thought we would be playing some games for the lesson. but to least of my expectation, the boys couldn't sit down... some were running to the far end of the hall as i was addressing the bulk of them! sigh... at least, for the day, the gymnastics lessons all went on fine. two of the three girls who couldn't do a forward roll from the top of the inclined mattress can do a forward roll now, albeit awkward, but still, they've made it through... now for the last girl...

hey! talking cock the movie is coming soon! take a look at the singapore one review of the movie!

Monday, March 25, 2002

today i had two of my students, each of them from different primary 5 classes crying. it isn't the dramatic crying, but the kind where tears were shed, but no sobbing can be heard. of the two students, one was a he, the other was a she.

you see, for my primary 5 classes, i was doing gymnastics - and the day's topic was forward roll. i set up what you can see in the pic (will be uploading soon) and asked the kids to form themselves into one ball/egg, and while staying rigid in the shape, tip themselves forward so that their knees touch the inclined mattress, which would result in them rolling off. so what happened was that she who is 14 this year (she came from another country) did it once after much persuasion, and after that, her female classmates told me that she was crying. so i talked to her, and the reason why she wept was because she was much afraid that the other students would laugh at her. silly girl... i let her know that after 22 years of being on planet earth, i've finally learnt how to cycle, and the reason why it was so late was because i wanted very badly to be able to cycle, and i've always convinced myself that since i can run, i might as well push back learning how to cycle at all. bad excuse from me!

then he who wept a few tears, after some cajoling told me that it was a prior experience where he had some pain in his back while doing a similar exercise. it was a case of "once bitten, twice shy", i guess.

my computer really screwed me up for the day... it all started when i asked vincent to pull out the power plug from the mains so that he could recharge his notebook's battery with his adaptor kit. then my computer (then clonecd was duplicating a cd and some other various tasks running) just hung, only allowing me to move my mouse. reboot after reboot, this is what i got:

"Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer."

after which, every reboot, it still showed the same thing. anyway, it's almost ok now. i've got to mention, after about six hours of intervention, and disabling my usb ports, i can finally get it to work, so that i can blog. i'll just need to wipe out my c: drive and restore the disk image that i created a few months back. then i'll be back in business as usual.

a couple of hours earlier, wendy just sent me the photos that were taken by her dad's digicam... on the right, you can see a montage of pics that we took. anyway, i just talked to janice. i'll be going to her church on Good Friday morning, and probably we'd be having a date after that. oh gosh, i miss her so much after these last two days, because i couldn't get her!

p.s. the photo credits are copyright by milkbottle, aka wendy. you don't need to try enlarging the pic to see her face in closeup, because i purposely resized it to be small, so that you cannot see her chio face!

p.s. (again) anyone knows anything about the blog where i was asking about the "waterboys" swimming kit at cathay cineplexes? any info?

Sunday, March 24, 2002

ooh! jason! went on tv didn't tell me ar! thankfully wendy-mei got tell me, otherwise miss seeing your presence on "art tv"!

anyway, folks, i didn't sleep at all throughout saturday wee hours, until the afternoon when i slept at the nie canteen for perhaps an hour or two... more or less, the schedule for the pess orientation 2002 is fleshing out too. i watched the sph schools' relays yesterday afternoon from around 5+ pm onwards up till 7:30pm, because somehow or other, things screwed up there...

i'll be going to watch the 2nd/final day of the sph schools' relay soon. sigh. i haven't been able to get to janice for the last two days. wonder how is she...

Saturday, March 23, 2002


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just got this from meihua's site:

Take the ICQuiz!

damned tired. now still working on my eed102 school-based reflective essay. man, i hate this module... it's single-handedly the most boring module i've ever taken... once-and-done-with-it, you dastardly module!

last night, me, redspirit and wendy-mei went over to ucc at nus to watch ntu hall one's hall production, lisa. eeriely enough, the storyline is very close to that of dream theater's metropolis part 2: scenes from a memory, but minus the murder and sheer diabolical minds of the villains... before the show started, i gave huiling a call informing her that i was in the ucc, and surprise! she was in the ucc too! she came out of the "hall" side and joined me in waiting for jason and wendy.

probably after 15 minutes or so, both of them finally made their way into the ucc, and then i was somewhat taken aback by how good wendy looked in her black spag top. good for you, wendy-mei! it was also my first time seeing jason since the days that we acquainted, all because we were then ardent fans of kelly chen! in my usual style, i took the tickets that we had and put them on the tabletop and i whipped out my logitech clicksmart webcam/digicam and started to snap at the tickets... then wendy did something that nearly made my eyes pop out by unleashing a 2 megapixel casio digicam from her bag! she explained that her dad didn't bring back the digicam back to... where ar, mei?... so that's why she was holding it. anyway, just before we were ushered into the theater, i managed to spot jianming, pin yan, yeow fei and meng chye around olio dome.

about lisa, there were parts that i enjoyed and didn't. the flower girl, for one, reminded me of a changi village you-know-what, with its, i mean, err... her face looking eeriely like a guy wearing a dress... her legs were sooo big! even wendy said that i was mean, but she knows me well enough to laugh it off... there was this scene where ray gave this empty metal box to lisa for her birthday present to which she'd opened, only to find it empty... then he told her to close it back and give it a good hard shake before opening again, which she did... and this time when she opened it, ray begain to sing "happy birthday to you..." it was such a simplistic, (as wendy said,) sweet gesture!

during the intermission, i gave huiling a buzz, and she requested me to buy a cuppa latte for her. she was freezing away in the "hall" side backstage, you see. so i queued up at olio, and made the order... wow! so expensive for a latte! $4.20! i saw wendy walking out of the ucc alone (oei jason, how could you leave my mei dear to fend for herself?) so i gave her a call on the phone... after picking up the hot latte in a cuppa, i walked over to wendy and the girl came to me and told me that she was freezing too! i let her hold the warm cup of latte and she was soooo happy to do so! huiling and me started to sing, "i am seventeen going on eighteen" because the two girls were guessing each other's age... and then huiling and me added, "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down..." from mary poppins! wendy looked so cute when she's lost!

after the show (which ended pretty abrupt), as we were all going back, i asked wendy to partner me to demonstrate this following pick-up line.
me : boo!
wendy : huh? (or *silence*)
me : you're supposed to be scared and give me a hug!

Friday, March 22, 2002

what can i say? yesterday i received three notes from three separate primary three students... two of the notes are obviously written by the children themselves, but they claimed that it was written by themselves and signed by their parents because their parents do not know how to write. duh. so i asked them to give me their phone numbers so that i can call and verify their cases.

i also encountered somewhat a problem in asking the asthmatic children. why, or how? all asthmatic children who have ventilators issued to them should carry them around right? most of you (save for the asthmatics) will know that there is such a form of asthma called exercise induced asthma. what if the children i have, just have that too?

by the way, for the past two nights i was at jiahui's dad's wake... then it got me questioning... why can't i as a Christian even hold joss-sticks to offer to the deceased as a sign of respect? it's definitely not idol worship, you know... after talking with a colleague of mine from my primary school, it seems very much that it's all judgemental on the individual. comments, anyone?

clarinda> yes, there are a few yandaos in waterboys.
andia>no, i was at the wake... so now you know...
verda> yes, i do need more rest. PE teachers are a tired bunch, especially if you have to try moving a box-top for gymnastics up one storey by yourself... and i mean, only the box-top's top segment!
yenyee> wah, you also become my regular reader liao ar?

p.s. does anyone wanna look at the apparently forged excuse letter? give me your votes via comments, ok?

and one more last thing... yesterday's newpapers carried some advertisement for waterboys, but there was a mention, "get your exclusive waterboys swimming kit now. details at cathay cineplexes." can anyone please help me to find out what it consists of, and of how much cost? please?

Thursday, March 21, 2002

what do you expect me to write in my blog? the last few days i was busy with doing my lesson plans... too dead tired to blog... or rather, i'm weaning myself off internet addiction lor... will be back again blogging come the weekend... good to read that so many other people love tako pachi too...

Sunday, March 17, 2002

wah, so happy yesterday!

woke up late (as usual) and rushed back to nie in the morning via a cab, and then right after the lesson ended, i zipped my way down to cineleisure, wanting to buy two tickets for both janice and me for the show ice age. i sms-ed her, and she let me know that it would have been too late to watch a movie starting at 1715hrs. so what to do, when i'm the next person in the line to buy the tickets? i gritted my teeth and bought two tickets for 1630hrs for waterboys. of course i was surprised to find joan fry in the queue right beside mine, and she told me she was watching the same waterboys too! i bought my two tickets, and then it was off to takashimaya basement, to get some of the octopus tako pachi. hmm. yum! but that was after i talked to victor, who was from the bmt company at which i did my recourse back in october 2000... poor chap went ooc during his 5th month of ocs... all because he had a motorbike accident! he was downgraded anyway, and now he's serving ns as a clerk in tanjong gul camp... what a drastic change...

i just stayed at taka basement 2 watching this master top spinner guy perform his antics with a duncan brand spinning top... really cool! then i received a call from janice, and then i went over to hmv to meet her. we just did some walking around, and she bought one zai zai album for her younger sister (how sweet of her!) and one jay chou album for herself. we then left for cineleisure to watch the show.

upon entering screen 2, we walked to our right, looking for our seats. to my surprise there were two people already sitting there! i apologized to janice for leading her the wrong way, and then we backtracked to the other aisle instead. what! the seats were occupied as well! i asked the people in the seats if those were our f3 and f4 seats... and they told us it was at the other side! sigh... so this time i led janice back again... inside my heart fearing that i led her to the wrong screen... and so i talked to those two people in the seats. i showed them my ticket stubs, and then asked them if they got their correct seats. in the end? after a long search in all the bags they had, they finally found that they were holding ticket stubs to f3 and f4... but to screen 4! chey! blur sotongs... as they moved off i said, "wish you don't miss any of your show..." funny people, so blur one!...

the movie was simply put, the most hilarious show that i've ever watched... i mean, watching guys doing synchronised swimming! i would have wanted to try it myself, but anyway, it is really a hard task... kudos to all synchronised swimmers out there! yay! really, it was good to sense that janice was well settled in the show, because she also practically laughed her head off... anyway, for this movie, joan fry was also there too... after the entire screening, i introduced both janice and joan to each other, because janice might be coming into pess this july! bidding our farewells, we both left for takashimaya where we saw adeline... kind of a coincidence, because from the looks of it, janice and i appeared to be a couple... and adeline was well... alone with her girl friends. whatever lar. we had a listen of jay chou's song, end of the world, and we soon left to roam the children's department of takashimaya itself. we played a couple of toys here and there, and i was mesmerizing by these couple of die cast models of cranes and such... the price was from $113.30 to $160++. gulp. quite an amount for just a toy! valerie gave janice a call, and we all arranged to meet at the 5th level in a while.

later, janice and i met valerie at the 5th level just outside best denki; valerie just came over from sentosa. we all left to the pool center at the 6th level of lucky plaza, but then due to the high rates ($10.80 per hour) we left for the other pool centers at paradiz/parklane. it was probably the first time that janice wore high heels (not excessively high though), and as we boarded a bus to depart for selegie, janice got her heel caught by the lower step of the superbus. thankfully, she didn't fall. phew! in the end, after we reached the pool center, i waited inside while the two young ladies departed to somewhere out there to have dinner. i was trading sms-es with felicia and tricia, and by the way i found out that redspirit was still in the movies with wendy-mei! ooooh! soon after, the girls came back, and even then, the queue for the pool tables weren't budging. so we decided to leave and we all decided to go back home. well, the day ended as i stepped off the train at the paya lebar mrt station as i bid farewell and goodnight to janice, while i saw angie and gary on the waiting platform of the station! well!...

ok, that wraps up saturday. i love it!

warning : proceed with severe caution - the win32gibe backdoor trojan! symantec/norton has listed it as 3 out of 4 for the threat that it poses!

Saturday, March 16, 2002

psalms 23:1
the Lord is my shepherd, i shall not want.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

attack of the carrot monsters!

p.s. this is our class chalet @ costa sands pasir ris...

alright, let's keep a track of the games that we played overat the chalet... we had the blind man's catching + identifying the caught victim via touching, the r.o.c.k clapping game... truth or dare...

our truth or dare was very tame, and i forgot to taunt anyone (especially the girls) to be tied up and tickled for three full minutes... surely no one will dare do it one... and then even if they dare... DIE liao! no mercy!

of course with the celebration of siva and henry's birthdays, we had the prerequisite birthday pool dunking session... and the thing was i was game to be thrown in by both of them although i was like innocent to their dunking! err... we got the security really riled and they were circling the pool somewhat after we "started it off" because quite a lot of people started to do dunking... although it's like... 3 more other people from the other occupants got that dunking?

anyway, i slept all the way to about 4pm... thanks for reading my blog guys... before i slept, tricia-mei informed me that her simon is back in singapore liao... she's damned happy good for her! she's sorta wacky of late... (don't flame me for this tricia! )

and one thing to note - janice was so shy that she stayed at home last night... silly girl, my pess friends are really nice chaps and lasses lor...

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

i just called janice and she said she couldn't make it to my class bbq tomorrow... she had arranged much before with her friends to go out tomorrow for a girls' night out... so i'll ask - any of the female bloggers would like to accompany for the night?