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Friday, January 31, 2003

dedicated to all visitors to this site...

anyway, i have a lot of heineken, coca-cola, 7-up and pepsi cans for sale. do take a look at them, and make your bid!

Thursday, January 30, 2003

today must be one of my "meety" days.

before i left nie, i saw tommy ng, who teaches in mgs, along with his wife at the nie canteen.

when i was leaving nie, i met lihui, from hall 10.

when i was going into kinokuniya, i met huijun, one of my primary school classmates.

when i left kinokuniya, i saw carlsson yap.

when i was at takashimaya basement, i met huihui and ping. beh tahan ar! meeting the two of them in such an accidental context, that i literally stopped dead in my tracks and peering over when i confirmed it was huihui... said "hi" to them, and left them for a while, only to see they they were sharing the company of a single guy! waaah!!!

for the good of my readers here...

during rugby today, when i thought i felt melisa starting to push against my side during a scrum, i just pushed back. when the entire scrum broke up, she gave me a kick on the leg. what kind of behaviour is this? a teacher's? disappointing.

met up with fooxx, megaweb and aegis2 (???) at chinatown point's mcdonald's. first time in my life looking at colour positives using an illuminator unit, and a 8x magnifier. beautiful! let's not talk about the money though.

forgot to mention that i saw my then alpha coy pc alvin in the nie canteen on tuesday afternoon.

etel sms-ed me in the morning - gave me a surprise.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

was on the train with mavic this morning.

the lessons for the day tired me out loads - but actually it was a bit worse, because gorilla, siva and me, all ran from ntu to the lim chu kang cemetary and back around lunchtime.

after class, i went to cathay photo, and bought myself a slik sprint pro gm tripod for $95 - and that includes a "free" crumpler bag as well. not a bad deal - but i like the tripod a lot - it can reach 160+ cm in height, plus it's a ballhead too! i also got a swiss-made camera blower, as well as a kinetronics speckgrabber for $15 and $11 respectively.

i took 147 back home, and surprise surprise, x' ho was beside me!

Monday, January 27, 2003

set off from home earlier today - picked up my bike from hall 10 and cycled to the src after picking up my boots from the lockers. tony conducted today's class in the style of gca. in short - today's lessons - maths lecture, netball, ele and hockey, all strung out from 1130 to 1730, is killer tiring - especially since there wasn't any break in within. hockey is a very good way of getting fitness - all the running for the ball can make anyone slim! handbag somehow ended up with a cut just below his right eye during hockey - thankfully he's ok.

venentius gave me a ride back home, together with amy. saved me the possible agony of waking up at the wrong mrt station far too late...

i've got some tentative events that i'll go down to cover on my digicam.
7th through 9th february - west mall shopping atrium - hall 10's lovebites @ westmall
23rd february - sentosa - ntu surf and sweat 2003

anyone wants to join me for phototaking?

Sunday, January 26, 2003

came back not too long ago from the clubsnap zoo outing - i had the chance to try out the canon eos-1ds for about 15 seconds. but nevertheless, it's still a $14k digital slr camera. and i tried out some of the super long focal length lens from canon too - they're big...

here are some of the photos from the event that i posted up:

surprised to see lenca in nie today - for after all, i would have thought she was ready to go back to the states for her course - but she said she was declined her visa to america because she doesn't have enough roots here - or so said the american embassy. sheesh. how would the american embassy know such things? queer. anyway, she got to see the bike that used to below to her.

the interhall road relay was alright - i managed a time of 7:17 on my nike air streak lights. luckily the airbag within didn't burst. phew! had a dinner with fellow runners at boon lay market, courtesy of seng loong and yongxi.

tomorrow morning, it's a visit to the singapore zoo, where i could get a hands-on on the canon eos-1ds digital slr baby! eleven megapixels of 35mm, full-sized glory! canon singapore is also loaning us their 600mm lens as well... *drool*...

Saturday, January 25, 2003

exquisite handmade straw flowers for sale!
colours and bouquet size can be customized
prices vary according to customization

just an advertisement on behalf of vincent & richard. they're doing the sale as a fundraiser for the ntu astronomy club. any takers? post in the comments box...

Friday, January 24, 2003

yesterday morning, i finally got the accessories that i wanted - an olympus conversion lens adapter cla-1 (41 -> 43mm), a konica step-up ring (43 -> 52mm), and a b+w 52mm multiresistant coated uv filter. also picked up a lowepro d-res 40aw camera bag as well. the cla-1 cost me 55 bucks (for the simple tube), because i couldn't wait any longer to get it - so the 10+ dollars' premium on it. the step-up ring, b+w uv filter, the filter cap and the camera bag were all purchased for a total of 79 bucks from cathay photo - for a day's total of $134. yes, and i'm getting broke soon.

in the evening, as i attended the hall dinner at the hall 10's comms hall, i only took my camera kit along with some keys with me - the rest of my equipment went into the hostel room. zongde then left the hostel for home (in bedok), and obviously locked the room door as he left. when i came back - i was stuck outside - i had grabbed the wrong bunch of keys in my haste to make it for the dinner! luckily for me, jeslyn came back at about 11pm, but since it's too late for me to go back home - i put up myself over the night in yongxi's room instead.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

try this game if you have the time - it's a real cracker! thanks to ilmare for the link.

saw a corpse on lornie road yesterday morning while i was cycling to nie. sad case - traffic accident.

debbie gave me some quite useful thinking tips yesterday evening, when i saw her at b1, watching on some hockey friendly matches going on down below.

met an old pal, melvyn pang, at the bus-stop right across my block. he's so much differernt from the last time that i saw him. he's doing marine aquaculture in tasmania now - 3 more years to go. i still remember more or less how the two of us got to know each other - through tamiya cars when we were in sec 2 - he'd ask me to help him buy and assemble a ferrari f1 tamiya model car.

would be going to cathay photo to pick up the step-up and filter accessories for my camera today morning. finally!

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

right after the ecm tutorial where we had a good time cracking our skulls and spilling out our brains to solve some mathematical problems, siva, jeremy and i went running - and from nie we ran via the safti link bridge, and ran one round of ocs and came back. it sure beats running within the ntu campus anytime!

good news for people who are looking for a new camera. i've got a lobang for a new olympus c730 ultrazoom, going for 800 dollars. any interested parties? sms me 9640-8500. by the way, as far as i understand, it's a new camera.

is this a good thing or a bad thing? i opted for the same school, but with a different supervisor. i've got the same supervisor again - bervyn. argh. nevermind, it shan't be a deterent to me! want to see who gets posted where?

Monday, January 20, 2003

wow! cool tip! if you hit the following keystrokes in microsoft word (haven't tried them in all microsoft office programs yet), you'll get the following symbols -

ctrl - alt - c --> copyright symbol
ctrl - alt - t --> trademark symbol
ctrl - alt - e --> euro symbol
ctrl - alt - r --> registered symbol


Sunday, January 19, 2003

photos for last week's ntu bike rally are up. i'll remove them when the photos are hosted up by the ntu server, so if you want to take a look, make it quick.

according to some accounts that i've read over a span of time from various girls' blogs, i conclude that girls have this uncanny, inbuilt calorimeter installed somewhere in their bodies. after a single meal (that i may classify as "light" - i'm a big eater given the good timing of time and place) they would say they feel fat. from a strictly physiological viewpoint, how could one meal make one feel fat? it's possible, since there are beliefs that the female stomach is much smaller than the male one. but that's not fat. it's bloated. for those who are concerned with losing weight and such, my running for 20 minutes, covering about 4k of distance only uses up approximately <50 grams of fat stores - provided this is aerobic activity, and doesn't cross the line into anaerobic activity. lost?

bottom line - quit worrying, and chill out.

i saw katie at borders last night. she's so tall! sms-ed her not to nibble on her fingernails after i saw her sitting at the s.a.t. books area, while i was looking at the books up on the sports shelves. she "fled".

she's trying to finish reading the big phat s.a.t. book in one week's time. *gulp!* hardcore book-devourer!

bought triathlete, runner's world and maximum pc - my staple magazines for digestion.

Saturday, January 18, 2003

unless you're a fast word-spewing inhabitant of the ghettos of some slum, foul-mouthed optional, you can do better than to watch 8 mile. eminem spewing the f-word like no-one's business inside, and the language's too fast to catch. those who are trying to act tough, i would recommend them to watch it - otherwise, save your money for some other purposes instead. damned. i was misled to think it was a biography of eminem. argh! should have opted to watch hero instead.

Friday, January 17, 2003

thanks for the concern folks. i'm currently recovering to a bout of stomach flu that got me down yesterday. yesterday was probably one of the darkest days of my life.

while on the way back home on tuesday evening, i met kassey and another fellow nie-mate (name of whom, i'm not sure). both kassey and me took the train from boon lay up till bishan. surprise, surprise, i met heng kin at the very bus stop that i parted with kassey.

wednesday evening, after rugby, i made my way down to city hall mrt with alvin. as he headed for some makan place, i made a beeline for peninsula plaza. oops! there wasn't anyone at cathay photo - it was closed! but due to a twist of fate, i ended up going to the clubsnap anniversary gathering for free! of further coincidence, i met fuzzybear and lyndy there too, along with sh. boy, is lyndy gorgeous in person or what!... met other clubsnappers like nekogotch, omega, amos, coozie... too many to recall!

as i threw up yesterday, i could smell the parmesan cheese that i added to my spaghetti from the light dinner. could it be the cause?

this morning i've been trying to figure out how to reinstall windows xp professional on my computer. does anyone have a copy of it? i think i'll switch down to win98se for the time being. could it be my memory that somewhat got electronically fried? oh, by the way, before the big hoo-ha yesterday, i bought an ecs k7ama2, an athlon xp 2000+, and a globalwin fan, all for 300 bucks from cybermind.

and now, presenting, the national icon that i was emulating yesterday... the merlion...

and it doesn't matter who it is - mom or zongde - to book my incoming month's money/ers/nss so that they'll get anything - i just don't like that idea.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

met dennis from my 6div mt-line this morning at the boon lay bus interchange. then while on 199, i met nerissa as well. met jasmine of the 12th ntu sports committee at canteen a over lunchtime today too.

frankly, what dr teo told me yesterday, touched upon the topic of responsibility, and seeking truthful words from friends. i'm not depressed now or what, but what she told me, got me to think seriously again. and this is not a plea for pity - i don't need pity. i'd rather do with empathy than sympathy.

i've noticed one thing about myself. whenever i meet an old friend who happens to be with his girlfriend - i can't help but to somewhat forcibly get myself looking only face-to-face at my pal, and as far as i can, avoid even glancing at his partner. it's somewhat like the situation when we were children - once your best friend has begun to stick with another person, you'd stop at almost nothing to "get rid" of the other person to redeem back your friend. difference for me is that i dont't try to "get rid" of the "other person" - in fact, i'll stay away from them both. i feel that they belong to each other - and i do not come in anywhere in the equation with either of them. i don't know how to relate to that "other person". even to girls whom i know, i'll only talk to them for a couple of short sentences in case the boyfriend behind the back (more usually beside than behind) doesn't like it. in short, i feel i can't communicate with people - especially those around my age who are attached.

another - whenever i speak to my colleagues, no one takes interest. even siva has started to exhibit signs of that now. wooi ling once mentioned to nizam while on the train back home that the three of us were on, that he should be reminded that no-one should just talk to me nicely only when they need a favour from me - in the realms of computers especially. as what we call, curry favour. that's why what dr teo said stuck in my head. she told me that i should seek advice and comments about myself from those true friends who care enough for me to tell me the truth, rather than to pretend nothing's wrong. how many true friends do i have? i'm concerned. do i have any true friends at all? heck, i don't even communicate well with my family. compounded with the fallout with zongde over buckyball, i'm getting some real vibes telling me that i'm alone on planet earth. but what do you think of a friend who can suggest selling people things that are on the brink of a permanent breakdown, while he takes the money - yet still claims that most, if not all, of those items still have their manufacturer's warranty? and does not receive calls from the buyer in case anything happens?

who am i on this earth, to anybody?

these days, i tell myself consciously that i don't need a girlfriend - because of the mess that desire got me into last year during teaching practicum. but i'm at loggerheads with myself when i occasionally crave some attention from a girl(friend). to have a girlfriend who can help to emancipate me from these mental constrictions in my life. there are a couple of issues that i wouldn't want to touch upon here, since they're inappropriate for general reading too. and things didn't go down well last night back at home either, when dad bought two new mattresses for sis and me. i couldn't understand why on earth, that he spent money on such things, but didn't help me to get a new motherboard that i need to get my home computer alive.

who are my true friends?

i'll hold off being attached - so that i can learn more about myself. and i don't want to be in the close company of girls - especially those who are already attached, since they belong to someone else.

openly, i dare to say that i don't get along well on any terms with melisa and peiyi.

will there be a girl, with whom we can look into each other's eyes and communicate even without language?

back from malaysia on saturday night, i managed to go over to the ntu heritage centre on sunday morning to ask around volunteering to an event photographer, in exchange for a hitch of a ride all along. i managed to get it, too. so i was attached to psyduck on paceman's mitsubishi chariot. took heck loads of photos, and got involved in a little accident that for a split second, would have taken the life of a cycling participant. thankfully the end result was only a relatively small dent on paceman's rear bumper, and surprisingly enough, the mercedes s280? s320? didn't even seem to suffer any damage. will settle the photos soon.

that's so long a day, summarized in a paragraph. i've improved!

yesterday dr teo was talking to me regarding responsibilities. i've got to settle out the red cross society's next upcoming first aid course test date, as well as the timetable for the pess dip year 1, so that i can arrange my attachment with the g&d module.

paid xuan $137 for my final order of the pess t-shirts, sweaters and polo-tees.

i'm pulling out of buckyball. i can't afford to play around with my future career now, when what i'm doing now is the foundation of all that is to come.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

just woke up in hostel, going out to try and hitch a free ride and cover the ntu bike rally 2003... from a support vehicle!

Saturday, January 11, 2003

oh yeah, i'm signing up for a padi open water diving course come march. it's time to get the underwater case for my digital camera! yes!

Friday, January 10, 2003

helped mr anwari with the website that he asked me to help him with. ended up copying my website for him and editing it to his requirements. he's going to republic polytechnic's student development office come february. and i still owe him the swimming tape that was recorded for my class during the first year of the nie course.

called bbs computers, and found out the next shipment of the ecs k7ama2 motherboard's coming in on 13th january. it would only be available on the 15th at sim lim, for sure. 5 more days to a hopefully fully-functional computer? i can't wait. but what's there to do?

i'm looking forward to the weekend in johor baru, i guess. went there only once so i'll probably be like a big kid on the loose, somewhat.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

it's just so irritating. i want to get the motherboard, but there's simply no stock! have to bug the local distributors for ecs motherboards, bbs computers on when the shipment's coming. now i'm using my dad's computer to type this in. there's no way i can pull off visiting the nie library and do all my email reading and blogging from there. i mean, it's simply not conducive.

yesterday night, i slept early, at about 11pm, and woke up today at about 9:45, when dr teo-koh's secretary called me on my handphone and woke me up. i'll have to see her on monday afternoon regarding my absence from the red cross first aid course - which i'm innocent because i only missed the last date - which was the examination, because i was sick. problem comes because i didn't get an mc for that day. duh! why must this little matter be blown up so big? sigh.

tomorrow, i'm meeting anwari at his office after class to help him set up a simple webpage. should be chicken feat.

yesterday's rugby lesson was a killer tiring lesson - but nowhere as tiring as today's hockey lesson. i'm falling sick already.

saturday i'll be going to malaysia with zongde to settle some computer related stuff. hopefully, if the danged motherboard doesn't arrive in singapore on time, i'll go get it from malaysia - that's assuming that i'm gonna be in the vicinity of computer stores there.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

no photos for the day, but for the day's lessons, we had a good time running around the hockey turf at my department. it was a test for aerobic/cardiovascular fitness. i guess i should have been the highest clocker - 15 laps completed with another approximately 180 meters covered. each lap was approximately 280 meters long. so that works out to an approximate 4380 meters for me in 20 minutes. it's like 11 minutes for 2.4km! so slow!... but i did that with a bladder that was filled - not fully, but enough to drive me nuts during the entire exercise. didn't wear my polar hrm transmitter strap today, so there's lesser recordings for my watch... sigh...

the ecm tutorial wasn't so bad, although it's still dr. fong. he gave us a worksheet that made those of us who put some brainpower into it, wake up and energized. alright, i'm speaking for myself. i enjoyed cracking my grey matter to solve the questions - they were fun!

went to sim lim square after the biomechanics intro lesson - but still no stock of the ecs k7ama2 was available. sigh. have to wait already...

Monday, January 06, 2003

i have absolutely how the rest of saltimbanco is like, but the segment with the two "twin" girls was simply irresistable. sexy, strong, nubile. if i had a girlfriend like that... fat hope though. sigh... maybe that was why i was attracted to gymnasts like yimei then. and since cheerleading is fairly close, maybe that's why huijia too. i promise myself that i'll watch any of the shows by cirque de soleil when they pop by singapore again. forgot to mention, i like especially the music for the segment for the "twin" girls and the "twin" guys - fusion/odd time signature stuff. cool!

my netball lesson started off with the same ball handling skills like what we had back for basketball. played "walk-along-the-lines", to which dr. clara mentioned using walking and blowing of the whistle to ensure the students are listening and aren't running helter-skelter and risking injuring themselves.

had my first hockey lesson in my life today too. we were taken by gobi, who is a very likeable chap. did the open dribble, closed dribble and the indian dribble.

venentius drove me home, along with the company of erin, amy and celine, who was the sole person to drop off at hall 3.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

went to sim lim square to look for a new motherboard to replace my cranky abit kt7a. too bad i couldn't find any stores with available stock of the ecs k7ama2. it uses the via kt266a chipset, and allows a choice of either ddr or pc100/133 ram. more than good enough for me. now, only when the stocks come in...

there was a flame about me by one of the boys who don't like on togoparts.com, to which sendoh and mavic stood up for me. it's inevitable in whatever you do, that there are people who either bochup you, or like you a lot, or just plainly hate you to the core. on a general standard, it's nice to know though, that i'm getting along well with most folks from either togoparts.com and clubsnap.org.

Saturday, January 04, 2003

you should see a change of my site's logo - a new year - a new look. please change your bookmarks for my site to:


thanks for the support!

went to meet jeam, and i collected the gloves i got from hup leong a couple of days before christmas, and went over to hup leong to exchange for a "s" sized pair. took a couple of shots here and there at chinatown. when i was on the bus back, i met mervin, from ntu hall 10. the following is the shot that i thought was not bad. curiously enough, gilbert gave me a call in the morning, telling me my shoes were ready - i was in a daze, until i realized he called the wrong number.

went for the fenr, and got back. resized, retouched the photos for the togoparts.com mass ride 4.

oh, by the way, i'll soon transfer my website over to http://sehsuan.clubsnap.org soon. this singnet account will soon be cancelled, and of course, both my email and website under singnet will be terminated. please be forewarned!

Friday, January 03, 2003

near impossible resolutions? doubt so.

#1 - stay single. love the feeling of being single and swinging, though some female company is always welcome.
#2 - get fitter and faster. this time, i'm not letting cycling replace running as training for the ahm.
#3 - get organized. already so much better with all the stuff i got from ikea. they're my lifesaver.
#4 - enjoy cycling recreationally first. before i step up to get that cervelo p2k, which may not be this year still.
#5 - cut off the inherent flaws that i've exhibited all along. and change for the better.
#6 - be able to shoot tastier photographs. become a paparazzi (quality not quantity) instead of "snaparazzi" (quantity, not quality)

just a bit of news - ash ng's dad may be taking over kravy corner. stay tuned!

went out with zongde yesterday. we went to sim lim square, where he'd swopped a faulty network card for another, and bought a new hard disk targetted for another computer. we then left for the scv customer service centre, to change another faulty network card - but they don't do it there. met jonathan, my nephew, who was working at a vietnamese restaurant around the area. we then moved back towards tampines, but not before being stuck in a slow moving jam. at least, it wasn't a permanent jam, unlike the accident we saw at river valley road, where an old mitsubishi lancer (circa 1990/1) had its front bumper totally bumped off. nor the too far to be seen accident on pie around 4:40pm as well, before that.

i went to tampines, after i parted with zongde, and i went to look at tay cycles (which was closed), and seng chu hin. for the first time, i saw a specialized epic. but the components made it look dubious. i also walked from there, over to ash ng's kravy corner to take photos of the signboard. surprisingly, the dad of agnes, my polytechnic coursemate, who happens to be the boss of bell computer in sim lim square, was perched on one of the seats there reading a chinese newspaper. didn't bother to greet him, since he gave me pretty unsatisfactory service when i patronize his shop.

my internet/icq connections are pretty cranky tonight. intermittent fast/slow internet browsing. sigh. hope this improves tomorrow.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

everyone's getting older. i just realized a couple of things -
#1 - i'm not taking part in sports just to attempt to win people.
#2 - i enjoy sports for what they are - not just a performance trap.
#3 - i'm getting a bit mellower than before.
#4 - i enjoy facing the elements during my races.
#5 - fellow competitors are known as friends and comrades to me in a race.
#6 - the athens 2004 olympics is next year!

apparently this saturday, some mediacorp artistes are appearing at 777 upper serangoon road to sell durians. one of the students with the yellow team, i believe, is the girl who modelled for the red mini cooper car back at the singapore motorshow 2002.

similiarly, in today's papers, in the article about meridian jc, there's an economics teacher called sarah ee. could she be the same person who taught years back in my secondary school?

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

may be doing up a new computer set for charmane, and fixing up kommissar's hard disk breakdown. seems like buckyball may have already a faster start than before! but i still haven't had taken out time to fix ceqin's friend's computer yet. hmmm...

can't figure out why san can't icq message me. and why my windows xp is still screwing up on me part-time. i guess my motherboard may need to get changed, this time, very soon.

did i mention that my togoparts mass ride 4 article was already published back on 30th december online? photos and words by yours sincerely... comments?

and did i mention that on the 16th, wendy also saw me on tvmobile for the marathon's interview?

and i want to watch ping pong. anyone wants to watch it with me?

got myself a maha 401 charger for 79 dollars including 4 1800mah powerex nimh batteries, from eastgear. met kian chye in the morning while i was talking to eastgear at the mcdonald's near my place.

may be going out to cathay photo to source for the camera accessories that i mentioned earlier. woot!