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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

uploaded the photos from the mr25 ultramarathon not too long ago, the hosting on my webserver is a massive 42 megabytes!

teck heng hamming it up for the camera

mr chan meng hui and terry - beer... err, best buddies

really tired out... zzz...

Monday, December 29, 2003

just came back from stargazing at sengkang with jane.

earlier in the day, while at starbucks raffles city, i also saw chok, jingjing and ah seng - all pe folks.

and by the way, i too, received my canon cps card via mail tonight. sweet!

crazy long day at macritchie reservoir yesterday, shooting the annual mr25 ultramarathon. with a shooting time from 7am to 7pm, it was sheer endurance!

Saturday, December 27, 2003

last night i saw smarties at the junction around tiong hin - today afternoon, i met annie, my former polytechnic classmate right outside takashimaya. the world is pretty small...

went off to bedok central to shoot rise official in action - the stage was pretty cramped, and there were plenty of heads there blocking my view. thankfully to this lady from this bata store that set up shop nearby, i had a 50 cm stool to stand on and shoot...

Friday, December 26, 2003

see who decided to commit suicide in my tissue box...

be warned! a fake dbs website is up at http://www.dbshk.net/index.asp.

do NOT key in any information into the site. you have been warned!

the real dbs internet banking website:

the phony dbshk.net website:

this article by talkingcock.com is damned funny!

"However, Singapore Sports Council spokesman Boh Baey Chow responded: “We asked the Minister for Sports to look into it, and he has arro… uh, tasked his subordinates to form a committee to investigate the situation.”

The committee’s preliminary findings are that top civil servants are the ones most skilled at archery, while most of the subordinates are more adept at tai-chi.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

yesterday was a somewhat unplanned loooong outing. after attempting to clear up my room, it was time to meet chris ang and his girlfriend at cathay to get a digicam for his brother - the choice of which was a nikon 3700. small and slick, but don't ask me about the controls. my thumbs are too damned fat for it! michael was the chap attending to us instead of the usual kelvin, who was swamped with serving others too - and michael's really damned funny - either that, or it was the joker streak in chris that helped to manifest it.

it was soon checkout time at burger king peninsula plaza - then we'd walk past laserflair, where i ended up buying joe satriani's live in san francisco double-dvd set for a "paltry" $49.90, compared to the $70+ listed at "that cd shop" at pacific plaza!

we bade each other tata at robinson's, where i then proceeded to have my usual urban trek around, using purvis street and then middle road, beach road, and finally for the first time of my life, i saw jalan besar stadium! (yes, call me suaku) i never knew there was a swimming pool attached right next to it too! had my dinner at the s-11 adjacent to the swimming pool - but with the dip for the chicken too salty, the rice too oily, the soup overdosed with msg - i wonder how they got some food award. maybe it's for people with suicidal taste...

i walked back to farrer park mrt, and got back home and picked up my prints - the s8r prints of kit leong and dughall indeed shows the clarity of using the big mama lens, albeit with some unsharp mask applied...

merry ho ho ho!

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

yesterday was a crazy day - spent hours and hours from the late morning, up till about 8pm, creating and refining the nie-slc website with siva and irfan. but the work was well worth it!

Sunday, December 21, 2003

damned wet day out at the tampines bike track... the rain was intermittently on... i mean, off... i mean on... you get the idea.

will flesh out this entry when i have the excess energy to do so.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

did a much more drastic step yesterday in clearing up my room - seems like i can manage to settle everything by sunday evening, if nothing screws up. met lawrence and marianne to pass photos to in the early afternoon, then came back home to clear up a lot more stuff still. was finally able to wipe off at least a year's dirt from the floor under my bed - what a breakthrough!

went out in the early night to meet the uwcs bunch at china square, at the "marche" there. it's called "village", and it's practically a clone of marche. incredible - it was so close that i thought heinz actually deliberately called it by a different name!

had a good time chatting with the uwcs group about dive spots, equipment, and experiences... good times indeed!

Friday, December 19, 2003

met up with a couple of folks to pass them their photos yesterday - after i had finished my meeting in nie in the late morning, i met up with anderson, then it was over to meet alan robinson - his a cute daughter who stamped herself silly with some circular rubber stamp! then it was meeting crankster, and on to harold. then took a bus ride over to meet kale, whose name isn't pronounced as "kail", but rather, "ka-leh". interesting name!

and from his workplace, i had a mini-adventure walking along lock road, preston road, and all the way to alexandra village, where i went to chat with sexyguy and saw patio. pass by must drop by and chat mah! i met munn in safra before he went off for a run - and i parted ways and went to ikea to get some more storage boxes...

Thursday, December 18, 2003

lavenderlilz shared with me this gem her colleague told her about...

"pride costs nothing but it can cost u EVERYTHING"

the arrival of the new dry cabinet poses a big problem to me... where the heck am i gonna put it, in close proximity of mains power to run it?

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

yesterday i had a good chat with margaret - my insurance agent. sometimes we don't really think about the future, and safeguarding it. on the plus side, i learnt a lot more about my existing policy...

Monday, December 15, 2003

met up with kit leong in the morning to hitch a ride to ntu for the saca race. saw so many people i know of today - too many to recall!

eddie from team schroeder

when i was about to reach suntec, i met and had a quick talk with hai sun from vs, who i met as he was leaving the place itself. got to the photo & imaging show, waited for a while, then met up with zplus. first thing i did - to purchase a dry cabinet for dad - an identical unit as the one i am using for myself now. shot here and there, met up with jo at the canon booth, and then got to know two more models from the show, abby and zukhra who were working for sony. poor things actually - they had only a short break for meals in between... so it was nice to know the models were pretty sincere, and were forthcoming in exchanging contacts, so now i'm able to contact three models in the future if i would like to have them model for me, assuming i go into model photography...

met jackson pang and his girl in suntec, outside watsons' as well as anlun and his gf, just outside the basement food court. when we were paying for the drink that we were getting from carrefour, guess who's in front of us, but colin from bikehaus! small world... and best of all, while leaving suntec... met royce from ntu src... again!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

woke up, took a cab to jurong east to meet zongde - we'd go to handbag's place to clear out quite some stuff. then had lunch at kfc at jurong entertainment centre - quite a dingy carpark it has! after dumping most of the stuff at our office location (sort of), it was back to safra toa payoh to get a couple shots for tricia for her rockclimbing course. and i lingered around there for ages... before i came back home not too long ago...

compressor units - omnipresent in daily singaporean life

stairs - barely used

and OH MY GOD...

Apr 30, 2004
Singapore Expo

accompanied jenice over to king albert park, met this other runner whose name i never really caught. think he was from what... rjc? last time. off to suntec - where i met yoke meng along with his wife huimei as well as lawrence with emily, who were jokingly asking me why i didn't get a shot for her. then at the photo and imaging show in suntec, i also met eastgear.com, tammie, jun, edwin from then-ccs, mr ho from digihub. also, justin from vjc odac - it was really a surprise to meet him there, after such a long time. i must recommend too, the positive negatives coffeetable book published in conjunction with the event - it's only $10, and provides varied styles of photography spanning 50 years of the straits times. furthermore, the book is meant to raise funds for the straits times pocket money fund - a pretty good cause, i'd say... so go get your copy now!

before leaving, i was surprised to see that dream theater had released a new album - train of thought. new stuff! argh! buy buy buy!

at about midnight, i went with effy and rosita back to ntu to help them to tear up their bicycles for transportation back home. finished the entire thing, then went for "supper" (or breakfast?) at the punggol nasi lemak stall - it wasn't divine, but i chalked up 5 bucks for my serving, with one egg, two fried chicken wings, one large otah-otah... can't remember if i had anything else inside or not. got home by 3.30am!

Thursday, December 11, 2003

came back from my school after clearing out some of my belongings - once i reached the interchange, the skies opened up and poured fairly heavily. i was stuck until this young lady offered to shelter me over to the opposite side of the road where i stay - it's small little things like this that brightens up people's days despite grey clouds aplenty...

just came back not too long ago - void just added a set of spd pedals to his bike, and got himself a pair of specialized cycling shoes from tiong hin. so after fixing up his stuff, cue and i escorted him to test out his pedals - seems to pick it up pretty fast.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

from this chap called bernard.oniwe@macmail.com -

Please pardon the abruptness and the liberty of this letter; It is due to its exigency. I am a top government functionary in my country. I represent a caucus in dire need of a foreign partner to assist us in the transfer/investment of over Seventeen Million United States Dollars.

The key issues are the transfer and the subsequent investment of the said sum. We are ready to go into an agreement with you and also offer you negotiable fee for the assistance and putting together an investment portfolio for us.

We shall follow strictly all the legal procedures entailed in our laws and the international laws in transferring the funds to make it legitimate and authoritative.

I would apreciate it if you send me a more secure email address if sehsuan@yahoo.com is not safe and a telephone number and fax number through which I can reach you for discussion on the details.Please reply strictly by fax to 23417591043 otherwise kindly disregard this email and delete from your box immediately. Thank you and God bless.

My Sincere Regards,

Bernard Oniwe

74442232868 051858730 6073143306

only fools would buy into that.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

woke up at 4am, and went out early to bring you the following photos...

sumiko, sim ann eng, and xiaochun

damned tiring. siva bro ran without telling me! but of course, i made fun of him about his jellified legs after our lunch at burger king's...

Saturday, December 06, 2003

woke up at about 7:30 in the morning - quickly got changed etc, then rushed off to ngee ann polytechnic - rachel informed me about the canoepolo friendly with temasek poly. got a fair lot of shots, but the photos aren't special. got to talk to her and michelle in person, and i guess i'm overcoming shyness i think? that's a good thing - a hobby as a photographer requires one to have thick skin, and obviously tactful. a big smile or grin is all that takes to set the other party at ease.

made my way to bishan to send jane to the airport - but not before spotting maxxevv along bukit timah road on his bike. then coincidentally, we met mas at the viewing gallery sending zaskargal off.

i missed a stop while making my way back home on the north-east line - so when i opened my eyes, i was shocked to see huizhi staring straight into my eyes! tomorrow, i'm waking extra early to get ready for the singapore marathon shoot - going there via donald's car...

yesterday was perhaps one of the more "coincidental" days i've ever had in a long time.

first, met xingjian in popular bookstore orchard mrt, and not long after, mrs chow's daughter in the station itself. then while going up the heeren, saw erin from this all-girl group rise who played with lgf back in june during the street fest. thought it's enough already? nope. met hui and eunice at the first level of the heeren - but while i was looking at this group of performers (for the lack of a more creative word) playing with juggling pins, one of them called me - and that was win nie! plus there was alvin aka eel from clubsnap with her, and one more fellow participant in project care last year. and while walking to the cairnhill place carpark, met alvin ho, brother of tina walking right beside my group!...

wah biang. go everywhere got people i know one ar!...

yaay! today morning i'm going back to ngee ann swimming pool to shoot canoe polo! yaay! say "hi" to rachel and michelle!

Thursday, December 04, 2003

this is outdated, but it's so funny!

but this is new!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

got my ns thing settled in the morning. appears that it was a lack of communication between cpc itself. phew!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

argh. after receiving an approval of extension of ns disruption about a month ago, i just received in the mail, another saf directive asking me to go back to report to camp on 8th december. argh. and to think, this morning, serene called me from nie to inform me of the timetable for the last module i'm repeating in january... sick joke, isn't it?

some misunderstandings (?) are better forgotten, so i've removed some of the ancient entries from june onwards to save myself some trouble. no point recalling too much about then, anyway.

courtesy of fooxx's post last night - i've learnt a super-fast way to folding clothes, and boy, is it amazing! try out this site for the video!

also, i messaged lilian that i have to pay her, indy as well as the pyramid ice rink a visit when i visit kuala lumpur in the near future...