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Saturday, May 31, 2003

You ride cross-country.
You ride cross-country. The marathon rider.
Pedaling for hours, shaving your legs, changing
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went out with jeslyn and zongde back to ntu, to return the room keys for the hostel. once done with that, all three of us headed for jurong point - and the two of us guys had lunch with a kfc buddy meal. i bade zongde tata as i went back home in anticipation of going over to punggol point to welcome back the year 1's back from obs.

managed to pass caroline the t-shirt that i got for her from tioman - phew! took some shots, though not many, for some others as well. she went back pretty quickly, since her parents were there to pick her up.

went over to tiong hin to change my chain, and i met uncle liew and k.b.. also met this chap called jan who's also in oeti now - he's also a vintage bike appreciator, it seems. and jeam's s-works m5 hardtail is hanging up there on the rack...

and i had a massive 23 minute chat with caroline on the handphnoe - gulp! but it's well worth it, i guess.

Friday, May 30, 2003

today we had a series of interaction sessions with some interesting folks, as part of a the personal effectiveness program. to start the ball rolling, maj (ns) jeffrey goh was teaching us a few pointers about communication, strengthening relationships and love. brigitte ow was there too, from the afternoon onwards to talk to us about basic grooming, colour coordination and such. finally, two erm... what should i call them? from shu uemura came over to do a demonstration of a makeover for angie, who was the first to volunteer. she ended up looking waaaay stunning than she already is - i think gorilla must have been really happy!

yesterday i met up with anne around her office around 9+ am, after i had finished shooting photos at the old (and current) victoria school in geylang bahru lane. nostalgia, nostalgia. gotta go back to the old pei chun to snap some for myself too, i suppose...

went off to alwyn's place around noon, to setup windows xp for his system. once we were done, we hopped on a cab to go to the stay alive run singapore event at the boat quay. met a couple of familiar faces, such as khoo swee chiow (yes, the man who scaled up mount everest), david hoong, huimin, zhichun, steven lee, ai ling, and a whole pletora of others too. photos (with watermarks) are up at http://sehsuan.clubsnap.org/alive-run-03. and i must admit, try to snap photos along most of the route was crazy, since i was running with the runners, who were wearing running attires, while i was running with my deuter backpack with 1 liter of water, and my lowepro s&f 300 slung across my shoulder, right hand carrying a slr camera... it's one of the most intense exercises i've ever done since running with sbo...

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

during lunch break from the diploma feedback session, met andrew ngo who was on his way back to the library. once the session ended, we quickly settled our attendance marking and walked leisurely back to the pe block, where we had a session with harry tan and some staff from moe's pe unit. the whole thing ended probably, 5:15pm.

met jackson, classmate of ken, at banquet jp while i was having dinner, then also derrick teo when i was leaving (or entering?) safe superstore jurong point. not too long after, i also met jacqueline, my polytechnic classmate on the same level too. angie took this posed shot for me while we were going on the train back home, with gorilla grinning away, i'm sure.

today also marks debbie's 22nd birthday... yaay!

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

wah, just one day out and i saw sooooo many people i know of.

went to cmpb/cpc to hand in my documentation that i'll need an extension of disruption - the nsf clerk at the cpc office recognized me - that was pleasant. after i left cmpb, i met one of my old discom-mates with his girlfriend. i walked over to canon singapore at the tech-center (can't remember the exact name of the place), and looked at the gallery of lenses they have there. soon left the place to go to the city.

went to cathay photo, and i asked kelvin about the pricing for an ef 85mm f/1.8 lens, to which he gave me $650. told him of the financial fix i'm in now - he understood. i think, in fact, he's a closet cyclist - because he actually knows how to term those skinnies i use for my tires as slicks! he simply gave me a when i asked if he was a cycling enthusiast... met simon, a clubsnap moderator there as well.

i made my way to minolta's service centre at 6th level of funan to get siva a copy of their lens catalog for their slr systems - and as i was leaving, i met this guy whose name i can't recall - i think he's called jonathan, a very close friend of stephanie, a very photogenic student council member from vjc - '97 batch, i think.

i met joo hie, who was studying at what's-that-place above music warehouse - the same place where i saw pao ling last year (or was it the year before?) - when i headed for sls. had a short talk, then i proceeded on. when i just reached sim lim square by walking, i bumped into wei loong and his girlfriend - at the same place again! can't believe it, the world is pretty small, eh? i went on to pop a surprise visit on joyce - because i just told her about two hours earlier that one of my friends (acquaintances, really), ling, was a divemaster, so i thought of karcheowing her. to my surprise, as i was going there, i met... ping! she was there with a friend, who also made his way to thailand last year. tried to "recruit" him for this thursday's volunteering effort to hopefully raise a little more for the nie-yep expedition.

actually, edward also put it this way - i'm doing too much for a non-expedition member. i wonder why so, too. i think i'm too happy that i've received some good signs from Him impeding - from cash flowing back in when i'm tight, from $30 from returning the locker, and $80 from the mawai trip i couldn't go - which culminated tonight by receiving a confirmation that my extension of disruption is approved. in fact, i'm volunteering my photographic services for $$$ that can go direct to the expedition - just hearing the conditions 74 kids have to cope with called school made my heart churn a little more than before.

and ping is soooo photogenic! *swoon* ok, ping, now you must get one of those nie-yep t-shirts already...

saw this particular white skyline gtr r34 twice yesterday - one time in the afternoon in aljunied, one more time in the night around serangoon road.

got my letter from nie, passed the cd's to siva, edward and a/p vilma, and i eventually stayed on for the night for the group's extra activities - a group drumming session by bits & pieces - andy and budi. i too, did the coverage for the event.

also saw kien mau at jurong point before we headed to mcdonald's for a quick bite.

Monday, May 26, 2003

did practically nothing yesterday - felt so lethargic that i'd miss the run and woke up at 1pm instead. gotta make up for the running soon, i guess.

emailed prime gym, asking if they would want to have photographers shooting for their competitions and meets. actually, it's a good excuse to test out photography hardware and skills... surprisingly, herman from my former camp is working as a part-time recreational coach with them! small world...

just finished watching a show on channel 5, that highlights what-to-do when you're facing threats from animals such as stray/aggressive dogs, bears, bees, sharks and more. pretty informative!

Saturday, May 24, 2003

wow, so many who's who were at the ppt today - asmah, ker-shin, eileen chai, amongst so many others. didn't look through the name lists - since it would be hunting for a needle in a haystack for people i know of (and whom i know of personally). took quite a few shots, and i've also spent some some shots in broad daylight in iso1600 - forgotten to switch to iso100 after i came out from the multipurpose hall. oops!

anyway, it was funny to watch the swim test - a lot of people who can swim well were like me then - trying to achieve world record timings in a 25 meter pool! actually, it's just to see that the candidate has basic water competency, as far as i understand. surprisingly, of this cohort of ppt candidates, it seems that there are far many more girls who are more sporty/active than the guys, in raw numbers.

the nie-yep ems (emergency medical something) was fun - and was pretty much a simulation to me. there were four simulated casualties due to something, and my role was naturally a photographer attached to a reporter (debbie asking those probing questions to those rendering first aid/crowd control) - and boy, was i trigger happy with the tandy. shot like there's no tomorrow (actually, i shot until i was worried i'd run out of storage...) for a fictitious newspaper. will be submitting the photos to dr vilma, edward and siva for later dissemination amongst the team members. received a call from the ang mo kio police station, regarding last night's incident - i was told i may receive calls if the need so arises.

cycled back admidst bloody hot conditions - skipped going to hup leong although i know that i have to get a new chain - the rollers on my current chain are damned loose!

at the time you least expected it, you may be needed to dispense with your first aid skills.

as i was crossing this road divider just opposite koh's t&t, there was this old man who was struggling to get both his feet up there - he was shuffling his feet pretty much. i stood on the divider, and looked at him for a while - before i could ask him if he's ok, he suddenly lost his balance and fell flat backwards THUD! on his back, and his head hit the tarmac. all these happening just 2 meters away from me! i was dumbstruck, but i wasn't really at a loss - but boy, was i silent - no word came to my mind, i just knew i had to stop the traffic and attend to the old man. things like airway, breathing and circulation came to mind. a couple of folks ran in to help, and with two more men, i moved the old man onto the grass verge just a couple of meters away. actually i didn't like that idea of moving the old man, since i can't establish if he's busted his neck and sustained injuries to the skull/neck. but indeed it's worrying to see an elderly folk falling down like that - in fact, i'm wondering if he'd smash some bones big time - i sure hope not.

the police were there, like instantly - i presume it's because they were finishing off a neighbourhood patrol. dr koh rushed over from her clinic, and a crowd of perhaps 30 gathered to watch the free show - only one malay lady and a middle-aged chinese man were helping out by fanning the old man. gosh - the rest were exhibiting the singaporean attitude - watching others in distress as a free show. yuck...

thankfully, the old man was pretty sturdy - his pulse was clocking in at about 72 to 80 after the fall. ouchily, there was a patch on the back of his head that corresponds with the knock on the tarmac - ouch! apparently he has a history of high blood pressure, but what made him come out of home was a mystery. i gave my number to his daughter-in-law who requested for my number - later on in the night, the old man's son gave a call from changi general hospital thanking me - but the old man is still unconscious.

folks - remember this - if you have to, help out those in distress - but for the time being, there's an apparent advisory not to do cpr because we're playing safe with sars.

met alwyn on the train as i was headed to ntu - he was heading for ban hwee's place to put up for the night. had a chat about our impeding future before he hopped off the train at the lakeside station.

Friday, May 23, 2003

oh my goodness! look at these photos by this man called rio enzo fuzuki!

photos from rio enzo fuzuki's rota in blue album...

angie & jeremy sent this little gem in the mail - "a successful marriage isn't finding the right person, it's being the right person." here's the full list -

twenty timeless truths
1. The best way to get even is to forget.
2. Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death.
3. God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.
4. Some folks wear their halos much too tight.
5. Some marriages are made in heaven, but they ALL have to be maintained on earth.
6. Unless you can create the WHOLE universe in 5 days, then perhaps giving "advice" to God isn't such a good idea.
7. Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, and faith looks up.
8. Taking a position in the middle of the road is dangerous; you may get hit by the traffic from both ways.
9. Words are windows to the heart.
10. A skeptic is a person who, when he sees the handwriting on the wall, claims it's a forgery.
11. It isn't difficult to make a mountain out of a molehill. Just add a little dirt.
12. A successful marriage isn't finding the right person, it's being the right person.
13. The mighty oak tree was once a little nut that held its ground.
14. Too many people offer God prayers with claw marks all over them.
15. The tongue must be heavy indeed, because so few people can hold it.
16. To forgive is to set the prisoner free, and then discover the prisoner was you.
17. You have to wonder about humans: they think God is dead and Elvis is alive.
18. It's all right to sit on your pity pot ever now and again. Just be sure to flush when you are done.
19. You'll notice that a turtle only makes progress when it sticks out its neck.
20. You are richer today if you have laughed, given or forgiven.

she finally responded last night - mentioning that she wasn't feeling well the last couple of days, so she didn't answer/check the phone. hopes she makes it through obs all well. ended up talking to ping on the phone last night, being reminded that i'm a teacher and um... and that i have to keep that in mind while i teach her the componentry of a computer?

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

went to cpc after leaving ntu, which was after the induction program in the morning. i was told by the chief clerk for disruption, to come back with a document supporting my extension of term in nie as well as a letter from myself requesting for the extension itself. saw yiwei, one of the seniors from my course (who was in thailand with ping and effy last year), who was there to collect his c.o.s.

no-one has heard of anything from/about her yet for the last few days - koon hwa said that she didn't attend the obs briefing on monday, and j j said that she also hasn't returned his calls - what could be happening?...

saw junita simon with her boyfriend in ikea today, as well as jimmy, one of the former regional directors back in nop there after zongde, jeslyn and i finished our shopping trip. zaskarboy called me up, asking for assistance for cgi scripting - but i've practically given up on programming already.

the day before, met nekogotch and sui meng separately while i was at sim lim square with zongde. was helping joyce file in her pictures into the album, and noticed that one set of the pictures appeared very dark - she'd forgotten to force the flash on underwater...

still no reply from her. i'm getting worried. went back to the school to pack up my leftover items, managed to clear a massive load of it.

last night i'd ventured around seletar, and found kelvin's home - i presume, judging by seeing one police van parked outside, along with a small sentry post. didn't ask the policeman if kelvin was still in singapore though. i went back home, packed my stuff for 2 days, popped by maniefest for about 15 minutes, and left hastily. too many things to think right now.

how is she?...

Monday, May 19, 2003

went for the run yesterday morning, and clocked in 122km's worth of cycling for friday, saturday and sunday combined, and an extra 10km of running. i was adviced by ridzuan, one of the drivers from 9sib, to write a formal complaint letter to hq mes regarding the dangerous driving incident on saturday night.

cleaned up my bike's rear brake cabling assembly, broke my chain to degrease it - marking my first time breaking a chain on my bike. changed my rear tire to the new panaracer t-serv that i bought last night from tiong hin.

slept like a log for the day. yaaaawn...

Saturday, May 17, 2003

met so so many people today. started off the day by visiting the school that i'm posted to, met the principal and the other new teachers too. had a good long talk with the principal after i finished lunch when i popped back into the school one more time. once done with the talk, i cycled over to kallang river - where i met pris, who was running with her dragonboat team. met anderson from diploma year 1 as well. bade him goodbye, and i went on over to east coast park. while looking for jeam, i went up and down the entire stretch trying to find her.

saw loads of people at east coast park - sportszie, cookie, kroxy, mr hoong, alvin and xuan and finally soo chin.

busted my tire, after i thought i saw alano inline-skating against my direction on the other side of the cycling pavement. took my own sweet time to fix the flat. the rim was a little dented though. bought one single panaracer t-serv 1.25" as well as an inner tube for replacement. yaaawn. cycled 110km yesterday and today...

and i must commend too, the service quality of the mph junction 8 staff last night - i took an apparent last dog-eared copy of runner's world along with one each of triathlete and bicycling to pay for, but the staff automatically changed for a fresh new copy for me without my request... good service!

but for tonight, i've got something that i have to do - as i was cycling back, this army 5-tonner truck (21509mid) came pretty close to getting me as roadkill at 2028 hrs - i'll be lodging a report for dangerous driving against the driver tomorrow when i see warrant ng tomorrow at macritchie... and make sure he gets something "nice" from his mto/co... yes, this is some form of power you can enlist the help of to get at a particular person who's given you trouble while wearing green.

think i saw yimei at bishan mrt last night - with her dad, apparently. she was wearing this adidas tee that i've seen some other friends wear before. but the question is, was that her i saw? there is a purpose for whoever-she-was to be there - so i parapharse from matrix reloaded. after watching it with gordon, i'm still at a loss at what it all means. and all things have a purpose - like how i bought only one tee for her, and yet i didn't get anything for my folks, sis and fabian. time to start asking her out - and not to forget teaching her the efficient way to paddle a kayak!

anyway, about the movie - the effects are getting on my nerves - how many times do you want to see bullet time played over and over again in the movie? the scene where neo was fighting all the agent smiths was a brilliant piece of cgi - but sitting at the 2nd front row of the theater doesn't give much chance to really appreciate it well. i'm not a matrix fan, so i'd rather save up the money to watch x-men 2 all over again - at least there's kelly hu inside...

yesterday too, i met kian yong near the posb atm machines in the town central - haven't seen him for ages, naturally, because he is currently serving national service. i then cycled to the ncss office at ghim moh, and after the payment for the road sign i bidded for, i went over to meet eileen at her office on the sixth storey. boy, i could hardly recognize her! i mean, the first/last time i saw her was like, november 2001! this is the girl i got to know on a train, all just because of the special-packaged swatch she bought that day - we'll meet up along with her boyfriend for bak chor mee when time allows. man, i miss the taste of it... yum yum! before i got close to the building though, i saw agnes yan with another schoolmate walking back towards rjc in their white/green uniform. didn't realize it - she's already in jc! saw kelvin ho - one of the top agents back in the old nop - he's now opened a comic store at ang mo kio avenue 10, either at blk 403 or 407. will pay him a visit when i can... the last time, i saw gareth yong driving a regular car instead of the much bigger car he used to drive back in the good old days. but he's essentially a great chap.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

about half an hour ago, handbag rode in with lenca on his his yamaha tdm850 to pass me an antiquated syquest ezdrive 135mb. classic scsi stuff - cool!

the dive was good. sunday night we'd left from clementi to johor - reached johor bahru at 2230, and the long drive up to mersing started at 2250, and we got to timotel by about 0030. next morning, we'd left timotel for tioman at about 0800, and got there at the island and got our rooms.

our first dive was a checkout dive - gosh, two months out of scuba and my buoyancy control went awry... yuck... but by the second dive, my buoyancy was back in check. the second dive, we tried to do basic fish and coral identification - it didn't really help since most of the other fellow aowd-coursees didn't seem that knowledgeable about sealife...

dive number three for day one, was a leisure dive right we did the peak performance buoyancy practice. but i'm still clueless how to adjust precisely for neutral buoyancy. the four girls took a break and bought some dinner treats from the beachfront stalls as three of us guys went for our night dive.

day two, and dive 1 was our deep dive. on my gauge, we apparently hit a depth of 32 meters. the question that akil gave me was an apparent easy sum, but then since i haven't done mathematics in the form he wrote in for ages, i drew in square brackets and everything, and even gave him a "q.e.d." at the bottom!

dive 2 was the wreck dive - we went down to the soyah wreck to look around. saw a small stingray, but have no idea about its species. after heading back to shore for lunch and all, we did a shore dive to practice our reciprocal, square and triangular navigational exercises. the girls, after the navigational dive, got ready for their night dive - by the time they came back on shore, it was about to rain cats and dogs. spent the night reading furiously adventures in diving published by padi, and covered all the chapters that i had interest in, as the others were slogging at playing tai-dee and uno. score so far - everyone made 7 dives in 2 days, so far.

day 3 was the most eventful day for me - rather, least eventful. i only made one dive, instead of two - because i had a headache that was hurting me - so i saw much lesser stuff than the rest.

the underwater world is a magical and fascinating place. on land, you can look up down left right for things, but once you're in the water, you have all around you to look at. fishes of various species interacting with each other... there's so much to say. but of course, if you're face to face with an aggitated triggerfish, that's totally another thing to say!

siva asked me last night online to see if i can accompany some of the girls from pess for their upcoming dive trip also with seamaster divers from 29th may to 1st june - i don't mind going if the price can be pushed down for me to do it as a leisure dive, while i take photos to help the girls get some visual stuff for memory's sake...

Sunday, May 11, 2003

tioman, tioman, here i come.

stay tuned for underwater photography on my site next week.

yesterday evening was a hectic one - went out to adam road food centre in the evening in a mad rush - only to find out that the organizer was a phoney, again. but the ride that went on anyway, was not my style - cyclists weaving in and out of stopped vehicles, moving vehicles - exactly what i don't want to see. almost nobody seemed to have a sense of direction of where we were going, and what routes to get there. sure, there were a couple of good people there - patio, richie, amp-david - but the rest were mostly a disgrace. i'll stick on to the fenr for good.

and i forgot to mention that i was with deus and pling, together in a meeting yesterday before i headed out to twa (at dempsey road) with some saca officials - andrew, max and ling. seems like there's a hive of activity coming up for the next 5 sunday afternoons, with the same number of planned bike clinics...

Saturday, May 10, 2003

saw a lot of chicks today! along with cocks, and hens. all at a colonial building around twa. the old man who was resting there, was pretty friendly - and i sought his permission to snap photos of the cutesy animals. i mean, for me it has already been like, 13 years? since i last saw a live chick... let alone a brood of chicks following "mommy"... the old man was surprising - he actually managed to tame a cockerel and stroke it on the head just like a pet dog!

incredible. the place is just rustic, and rusty too, literally. will be going back there in the future to take photos - it's a literal snapshot of life that city folks have missed out upon, it does wonders for a person to realize the crowing of cockerels, and watching chicks tweet-chirping away so sweetly.

Friday, May 09, 2003

did some work at casco today - met the chaps in the mis department - namely morris, sharon and roy, who is the head, apparently. did two new sets' (compaq evo w4000) basic setup, and had some time to look through some ancient technology stuff - isa scsi cards, even including a buslogic controller! if you don't know what that is, you're too new to computers. roy was pretty impressed with my knowledge of hardware - but sadly, i can't keep on working at this place because i'd have to settle my attachment #2.

it was quite a novel experience, to be able to walk into a server room, and hear the humming of all the systems inside there. if you thought a delta or ystech 6800 rpm fan was loud, wait till you step into the server room. raid arrays, and such stuff are common in there. cool!

i should be going out for fenr later. fabian passed me back the olympus 4040, i'm gonna do some shooting at tioman over this upcoming monday through wednesday - yes, underwater shots. damned, i'm technical at almost everything - computers, photography, running, biking - what do i do that i don't handle in a technical manner?

Thursday, May 08, 2003

edelle is doing a trance streaming at http://wavefusion.sytes.net:8000/listen.pls, so if you like it...

essentially today i'm doing nothing. really nothing. received a call from ban hwee regarding looking for a bike shop around central singapore. apart from that, i got a late confirmation from bryan that i'll be doing some network related work for the whole of tomorrow from 0830 to 1700 in the sungei kadut area.

got to know a few friend people on irc today, in #lobby - irina and valkyrie. and of whom, valkyrie is marrying this saturday... woot!

had the biomechanics paper, which wasn't really hard, and after that, went over to jurong point and formed a small group to roam around about in siva's rented van - wooi ling, ceqin, peiyi, melisa, xuan, hui, lily, siva and me - went first to great world city, and later the number dwindled a little as we went on to ikea... found out that ceqin is slow to react to a head popping beside her...

Raffles Institution
The School That Suited You Most!
brought to you by Quizilla

damned, and there's victoria in the quiz, but i'm stuck with raffles. yuck.

the schizophreniac has seemingly visited my site to a much lesser extent these days - good sign.

i'm thinking of the tioman trip already... can imagine fish fingers, fillet o' fish swimming around me already...

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

went out to sim lim square to buy 25 double-cd jewel cases so that i can distribute the gymnastics music cd that we custom-compiled. of course, where else could i get them, but from joyce, at 30 cents apiece? in the end, i bought 30 pieces of them - all for just 9 bucks - i'm worried the silly girl is not cutting enough cents to even make a profit - i actually have to ask her to make sure, just in case. and i brought back all the 5 pieces of the msi kt4 ultra-fisr that i stashed in her store last weekend - it was sheer torture trying to scan the ezlink card with both hands fully loaded...

still have some more stuif to cover to finish the revision for the biomechanics paper tomorrow. damned, angular momentum/inertia blah blah blah...

Monday, May 05, 2003

and on the topic of upcoming movies, the most mathematically disappointed actor of all times must be hugo weaving - there's more than 100 agent smiths in the matrix reloaded, but i'm sure he's getting only his single, one-person paycheck.

saw the trailer for this japanese horror movie called ju-on before x-men 2 started off yesterday - you should watch it when it opens locally - because most horror movie trailers can't make my hair stand on end and make me mutter openly, "fuckin' hell!" (adapted from my then bmt-csm ssg lim) while in the cinema!

if a person like me who doesn't respond to horror movie trailers can actually be that pooped by this, wonder how sis is gonna cope with it...

Sunday, May 04, 2003

after 100+km of riding on my cranky bike, this morning it was yet another 6km ro macritchie for a 15km run. and another 6.2km back. saw a guy on a pinarello prince, complete with the ouzo fork.

just came back from watching x-men 2 with gordon at junction 8. not as gripping as the original, but i admit, kelly hu sure looks goooooood...

good ride, with kommissar, sh, moon, and a billion other people. towklin encountered a snapped chain not long after we left changi village - that cost us some time. by the time we reached the s11 at tiong hin, only patio and richie were left there. we went on anyway to jalan kayu, where i had teh peng again. can't imagine how it would be if it didn't come into my life...

and the whole world knows that xtr got herself a spanking new road bike. watch out! here comes singapore's own kristin armstrong! (not related to lance by family at all)

p.s. to the bloke who's concealing his/her identity, but yet having the time to pop all the nonsensical stuff on my tagboard, i want to let you know you're forgiven. the Lord has forgiven me, and by the same token i shall forgive you.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

went out to school this morning, trying to clear my items in the office, but i guess i have to visit for at least two more bike-trips before i can clear everything. at least i managed to do up the lesson plan files... phew! left the school with some of my items, got home, called zongde, and i cycled over to his place in bedok reservoir - to pick up some dead/obsolete motherboards for trade-in. you see, there's this trade-in promotion in sim lim square for microstar's kt4 ultra-fisr (how does one manage to remember such tongue- and mind-twisting names?) for only $158 each, inclusive of gigabit-lan, firewire ports, serial ata and agp 8x, all controlled by via's kt400 (not kt400a) chipset. pretty dirt cheap. i managed to cram 5 dead mobos into my deuter, and it was pedal mania over to sim lim square admidst the shower that grew to be a light rain. got there drenched, got zongde to transfer the extra money to me - and i bought five motherboards. yes, f-i-v-e. the guy at the booth was asking me if i was buying for a shop upstairs in sim lim, so i told him the truth about our computer business. had to call in joyce's help in storing the f-i-v-e motherboards at her store though - all $790 worth of it. left sim lim square for ghc, but bullit wasn't around, so i'd left for hup leong.

of all people to meet there, jeam? she was there with her friend. mavic's norco team is beginning to collect a little dust; i verified by wiping the topside of the downtube with my finger. but this dirt had better not compare with the mud he's gonna cover it up with from all his riding!

i left hup leong, had a teh peng at a nearby coffeeshop, and cycled back via river valley road, and then orchard road. yes, i'm a poseur...

got back to home area, saw mr han and siong teng's elder brother at golden bamboo (yes, that's not a pugilistic cult, but a provision store). saw that they've changed a car - was it a nissan cefiro?

oops, and a correction. paceman's wheels are dee max ust 2003, silvery in colour. just only one grand on them nice wheelset...

Friday, May 02, 2003

went over to bike haus to pay for the r535 wheelset, and met gremlim there too. he's changed from his kona stinky dee to a uh... i forgot what, but i'll remember once i see the bike! teeheehee... anyway, i told colin about my spreading out of buying of the components, instead of letting the credit company earn over 400 dollars for free, essentially.

met up with christine outside kinokuniya, and picked up her (now my) labtec elite-840 headphones for 25 bucks. good value, not bad, since i'm not an audiophile. i mean, years ago, i wanted to get a seinheiser-made headphones, that would cost at least $70 and up. those were the days when tower records was the coolest place to be seen alive in - yes, those early to mid 90's that's half a decade ago. WHAT! half a decade?!?!...

um, i went over to borders, and grabbed maximum pc, bicycling, and runner's world, then met up with cue, paceman and nick at burger king's. saw, and tried out paceman's intense uzzi slx with marzorcchi shiver and dee max... eight thousand plus dollars under my butt. but cue's santa cruz bullshit was a better size for me, because we both have long legs. saw chaossss, and a 2 people with "24" bikes and 3 guys with da bombs...

and my encik sms-ed me, reminding me there's a 10 to 15k run this sunday morning. time to cross-train... yaay!

via vikki's site...

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Thursday, May 01, 2003

for some odd reason, my blog is not showing the updated stuff on my home computer. wonder why... and it's compounded by cdr burning that's limited to 16x for audio cd, and 12x for data cd? hmmm... gotta do some troubleshooting when i have the time. reinstalled windows xp pro, and i just have to reinstall the other applications one by one... of course, backed up my icq, polar hrm software that are most important to me, as well as my practicum files. just realized that i shot a massive 5 gigs' worth of photos with the olympus camera in a space of only a few months - woah! but some files are much larger because i'd use photoshop to save the rotated photos at a quality of 12 instead of the usual 10.

temperature's not acting up on me for two days straight now - it's a massive relief. but of course, we know of people who died of sars despite being diagnosed with viral or dengue fever. will still have to update the practicum office with my temperature daily.

oh, and i just saw a silver nissan fairlady z being driven on the road across my block.