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Saturday, April 30, 2005

i guess that i got the scoop on the nparks/hsbc news yesterday, published it online with more useful photos than the local press bothered to do so with. read my writeup here!

guided a group today, same thing happened. my group was second to go in, but last (or second last) to get out of the area. rubber time... saw the synaptic cucumber for the first time for myself, found a sea pen that choon beng said was pretty dead (of which i genuinely thought was alive) with three porcelain crabs residing in it.

got back home, prepared my stuff, then cycled to bt to ride the trail with hairil. there were two "highlights" that we had - one silly runner who was running up this quarry loop (was that the correct name?) while i was going at nearly 45 degrees gradient! freaking scary! hairil was also peeved with that chap's nonchalance about obstructing us and not yielding way despite being in danger.

the second highlight was that one silly njc student plonked himself smack on the trail on a long FAST, BUMPY descent where potholes are plenty! zero trail ettique! tell me what you think...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

for those who are looking to get the livestrong bands, my cost this time is higher. instead of 50 bands coming in, there was a shipment error and only 40 pieces that came in. so per piece, the cost increased from s$2.526 to s$3.1575. so for each one i'm reselling at s$3 each, i'm still making a nett loss.

so whoever still wants to get them, youth size, just pop me a mail - but you've been warned, the cost price is higher this time. handbag tried to reply the order confirmation mail, but we have no idea if there's any receipt of the feedback.

on the other hand, i just plonked out money for siva's quintana roo. good money for some roadworthy steed, a little old-school, but unfortunately i'm tied to replacing the frame with a 650c frame in the future... which means i'll essentially be getting a triathlon style frame.

ordered for four pieces of the serac xc tires from tiong hin - hopefully they will all come in tomorrow. monster should be riding down from woodlands to get the tires fitted on tomorrow evening...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

technically speaking, jax has just become the latest fucking arsehole i'm blocking off msn, and breaking contact with.

he mailed the photo i'd sent him over msn to t@ without informing me first, and with his oh-i'm-so-competitive bullshit fuck, send him to fucking hell. asshole. still has the cheek to tell me some fucking law bullshit. is he a fucking lawyer?

fuck you, justin. get lost, you brainiac. go race all you want. want to be in pain? go get cancer. you'll enjoy pain 24/7. bullshit.

then i've gained this feeling over these last four months i've been out in the school. the ministry, over the recent years, had a blitz in the media about recruiting new teachers. wait a minute! in the decades past, did the then-infantile ministry need to do the same thing, to recruit teachers? nope. ok, so i don't really know. but now? recruitment to people, trying to get them in. this to me, feels like an attempt to get new blood into a service that's... blood-boiling at times (not all the time though), and has some high attrition rate (ok, i'm speculating that rate myself). the more educated people become, the less educated they become.

i WILL be damned glad to leave this line of work where i can seek greener pastures.

posted by presumably the one-who-wants-pain...

you think your some top adventure photographer? snap back to reality dude.. making sucha big fuss over small things? have u got nothing better to do? So people who are not lawyer can't talk law to you? So you are a teacher right , not a photographer right , so fucking stop your crap about photogrophy cuz u are just a teacher!

i'm not a top adventure photographer. i'm strictly an amateur hobbyist. and i didn't say non-legal practitioners can't talk law with me. but rather, don't shoot your smarty-pants mouth around and tell me i can't do anything. there are people in your team who i have worked with before, and they're much more pleasant than you. don't talk about photography to me, because you are just a student; and i'm a teacher. don't talk law to me, because you are a student, and you aren't a law student. duh. must have done too much cadence and speedwork of late?

go for your ride now, there's no other rides just for riding's sake now. go ahead. see how long before you need to buy a new set of knees. then when you suffer in the pain you get from a pair of knees that can't support your weight, then you have achieved in a way, what you want now.

some kids are pests - and i wouldn't want to add to the problem, so for sure i wouldn't want to have kids - that's working on an assumption that i get married, of course.

one of these pests of these p2 boys called caleb from the problematic mix of boys, has a freaking bad habit of screaming at the most unneeded moment. each time he does that, i would stare him down. guess it's no avail. today i flew off this useless piece of rubbish, and ordered him to the corner of the hall. he stabbed me in the back by saying i gave him a bump on the head.

when he was asked what he hit his head upon, he said he hit it against a chair. and in the whole hall, the only chair that was around was right at the back of the hall where i told him to go and stand.

the most screwed up thing about him? he threw away the shoes belonging to another of his classmate from the windows along the back of the hall. bloody liar! one stupid knock he earned for himself, he will say that i gave him that bump (when none was visible on later inspection), and that when he gets that silly superficial injury, he will exaggerate it as if it were the biggest deal in the whole wide world.

kids can be pests. i think i should print a special countdown calendar to see when i can leave the ministry. this ain't the place for me.

daily running up and down, and more than enough exercise for myself; but there are boys who don't seem to know they've enough fat in their bodies that they can choke themselves to death; idiots who can't be bothered to come and see me even when told to do so; idiots who can't be bothered to do corrections. on top of that, run up-down-left-right to classes trying to ensure that all the overweight boys turn up for the morning exercise. since when did something noble such as teaching become as mundane as a governmental baby-sitter?

my class, the best p2 class out of the four? it's only out of FOUR classes, for goodness' sakes. i don't want any of the boys to remember who i am in the future, some of them really make me make a double-take on wondering why the hell i signed that bond with the ministry. one thing i've learnt - just carry on with the lessons, i don't need to use my emotions and let it get affected. whether the boys make it or not in the future, it's up to them, not to me.

disappointing occupation.

gave a call to the traffic police regarding the near accident i had in seletar camp last november - but the status was, "under investigation". i would actually blow up on the phone, if not for the fact that the person i was talking to was a lady. at least she was polite over the phone - if not...

i also gave comfort-delgro a call about this asshole of a taxi driver - sh9279e - who stopped at the end of the bus bay along a busy road in hougang, and almost forced a car behind him to wham into his backside; and almost forced me to kiss his cab's backside too. one idiotic man of the same race who was just beside the ethnic ladies who boarded the vehicle, said something to the cabby about "lta" and "complaint" - those were the only two words i caught from him. i asked him, "who were you talking about?", but he retorted, "AM I TALKING TO YOU?"

so i gave him the verbal, "fuck you!... fuck YOU!" as i pedalled off. damned. i'm getting more violent and aggressive ever since i got posted to this school. i wasn't even remotely like this during national service!

Monday, April 25, 2005

i'm contemplating a second bike (coincidentally, second third-hand) for a very good deal from a close friend. just wondering how it'd affect my finances in the short term, and for the year as a whole. it includes a pair of race wheels too. hmm...

i'd say now, i'm over 80% sure that i'll get it - for the price, and also that it's tried and tested.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

had a good time learning from cassandra (not the pess one) about class management. she's more human than she seems to be, and i'm thankful i've got some handy ideas to use for class management.

but at the same time, i gotta think about how else i can teach my class better, much better than the dictatory style i'm using now...

Friday, April 22, 2005

mr lance knowles said something to me after his workshop on how to effectively use i.t. for teaching english, something along the lines of, "when i was running a school, i wasn't worried about the teachers who worried over their class, but i was worried about the teachers who weren't worried about their class."

there were quite a few interesting things that i've picked up from this workshop - but hey, it was really, really a good experience there!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

wahahaha... alex the multisport model?

Monday, April 18, 2005

talkingcock.com has just been slammed by the national papers, again. read the nitty gritty details of how li xueying used colloquial english, to solicit information from the supreme cock. how fair can this be?

on the bright side, here's one more hub that singapore will become...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

tried out my fairly new shoes today - and i did fairly better than i used to, though a little sickly. the bike looks better now, with generous amounts of mud splattered all over the underside of the downtube. now, i'd need to figure out how to prevent the water hose from jumping out of the bag while riding...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

met up with foeszz to recce next weekend's brunch ride, then stopped over at c2c to pick up a pair of fox racing socx. poseur time! woohoo! on the bright side, we found out where not to try to take a short cut through, especially where there's a frigging cyclist-chasing-happy doggie... *gulp!*

sold off my sidi t1's to kng, then hitched a ride to bishan, and hopped over to beach road market. got one deuter trans-alpine 25 and overland 2 liter hydration pack for only $149, met up with an old friend, hitched another ride to go over to the concourse where i picked up a pair of deltrax neoprene gloves for $26.80 - that will come in handy for the chek jawa guided trips.

tried my first subway chicken teriyaki one-footer sandwich - yummy!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

woohoo! retail therapy works!

just bought a pair of new time cleats and a pair of sidi dominator 5's - and after that, i learnt one of the biggest reasons why i had no damned strength nor power to clear slopes in bt... because i set my cleats all the way forward, no wonder there's power lost from toe/sole flex! argh!

yummy dominator 5 with 2 patents - that won me over,
along with the sidi lasting that i'm used to now

nevermind, better late than never...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

silly tay cycles has done it again. promised stock of juicy 7 last week on friday, supposed to deliver on saturday, but when asked yesterday, they ran out of the brakeset... frickin' idiots, this shop...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

hopefully, i'll get the juicy 7 brakeset tomorrow... can't wait for it!

had a mad rush to ria's place because i was staying online till nearly 2 am this morning, editing the names of cassettes and chains for the togoparts review section. i practically pulled off a time trial in about 55 minutes by riding from my place to her place around kranji!

had a great time seeing stars in the barren night sky - about 4 to 5am. too bad that i didn't foresee this, so i was caught out without a starchart. damned.

today marks my first forage into wildfilms... and when you see how alvin catches footage for some of the animals that we have to spot first, of course, there's another big set of problems of how to acquiring the footage. mucked up water is probably primary problem. getting the video camera to aim correctly at the subject, is a very hard thing to do to. i'm glad i got to know these chaps, and i'm able to contribute, somewhat, even if i'm only a mule...

Saturday, April 09, 2005

juicy 7... akan datang!

in the meanwhile, i will pass on the trusty single digit 7 + speed dial 1.9l levers to julia.

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wait a minute. how true can this be? frankly, i don't know - just tried it out from what eelyn posted on her blog...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

talkingcock has done it again, with a hilarious list of other ways that he casino will affect singapore...

escorted my friend from her place this morning, to srjc, whereupon she proceeded to ubin with another friend. i wasn't feeling 100%, so there wasn't any real point to go there, and potentially get myself sicker - especially tomorrow is a school day.

met up with mysterymeat and foeszz over the evening, to pass them some widget i have no use for. and i've gotta pick up the pace for english and mathematics, as well as find time to explain some of the common mistakes to the boys.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

was sieving my way through the recent papers - and saw this sylvester sim with a pair of teacup saucer sized shades perched on. i wonder, how much of those avant-gard fashion will really be worn anyway. those jokers who are wearing them, gives me the sense that they're evading something. pretending to be someone they're not.

that's why i love sports - that when we connect back to our own cores, and nothing is as important as catching back your breath after a climb. or trying to stay on two wheels after some hairy and rocky descent.

when i'm on the bike, i'm just me.

sick as sick can be. argh.

lasted through the morning because p was observing my lesson, since it was already deferred once due to some thai visitors, i thought, just bear and grin it.

morning was the time when i had splottish nasal mucus all bunched up, but as the day wore on, there was a colouration to it - bad sign!

finished school, packed my stuff, and then went to see dr. koh. apparently it's another round of urti (pharyngitis).

went over to tiong hin later in the evening to help da monster pick up a new mtb; or to help him answer his queries. pricing was pretty fair, i must say, and i wonder how alvin goh asked for a different bike that i advised da monster about...

now? i have greenish nasal mucus... argh. and because of this, i'm not in chek jawa doing a guides-only training trip. sigh.