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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

reached nie super early, compared to the time i had lesson proper. tried to control it, but i slept through probably half of the eed101 lecture. hard to resist succumbing to dozing off, when the lecturer spoke in a pretty much monotonous manner.

in the afternoon, huijia messaged me to tell me that she wasn't feeling well - she had felt quite some discomfort in her neck and just behind her ears. she decided to give her tuition that would happen later in the evening a miss, in exchange for some proper rest.

before i had dinner with siva, alwyn and ban hwee at jurong point, i joined quite a number of my fellow classmates for a familarization run for the e.w. barker challenge that would be held somewhen in august. instead of running with them, i cycled instead, because i didn't want to test waters by running when i felt my right knee has just recovered. and later in the night, as i was coming back home, i met my senior coral at kembangan mrt station. the cause of it? i overslept on the train...

hmmm... off-topic for a while... what do you think is going on, when a girl calls you on your handphone, from her handphone, when she's practically undressed in her home's shower? what were you thinking of? she was only thinking of calling me without being detected by her folks, what else could it be!

there was something else that i sms-ed her too - "some guys just don't have a girlfriend. they say, a girlfriend is a want. i agree with them. another group of guys say that a girlfriend is a need. i agree with them too. because i need, want and crave for You."

Monday, July 29, 2002

started out cycling at about 615 or 620 am to nie. i sms-ed huijia, telling her that i was just starting out on my bike ride to nie. i was slower than her - well, her dad drove her to school in a car using the pan-island expressway... gosh, if he'd used lornie road instead... she might have saw me on my bike! as i reached the spc gas station just before her school, i gave her a call, and she told me, she would keep a lookout for me on my bike as i cycled past her school... wonder if she saw me or not... but i was slowly cycling past her school, i was gazing in all around expectingly...

the rest of the cycling to nie was ridiculously slow, and riddled with heavy traffic. worst thing was, when i was just past the chinese garden mrt station, the skies just decided to pour its watery blessings down. before long, i was totally soaked to the bone. i pedalled up just right outside the boon lay bus interchange, at the 199 queue... but oddly enough, i couldn't spot a single fellow pess citizen. i just bochup-ed and continued on my way over to nie, via pioneer road north. somewhere between the first and second bus stop of the 179 bus route, there was a car that ran across the road and ended up stuck, smooching a tree. the bonnet was somewhat crushed in, too. hope no one's injured.

i'm thinking of huijia now. i miss her... but i won't hurry her to say yes to me. i just told her over the phone in our conversation - the only way i know to her heart, is by being the sweet guy that i am naturally, and showing her my sincerity, demonstrated by my willingness to wait for her to say yes. i'll wait for you...

Sunday, July 28, 2002

i'll wait for you.

she's different from all the other girls whom i ever tried to woo. she's actually the first to tell me that she likes me too! but... everything has to wait until she finishes with her a levels. she actually read through all my blogs and figured out a lot about me. my background. if she was an assassin, i would gladly put down all my defences and surrender myself to her. aiyah! there's so many things that the two of us are similar - we're both physically active, we somewhat have this faux "flirty" communication mode, and we both... kinky!

you know how touched i was, when she said i'm a sweet guy, and that she was touched by what attempts i did to win adeline, and later, janice? only a few came to my site and said they were touched. but this time, it's someone i'm interested, and on fire for, who's saying this. makes a whole world of difference!...

huijia, say yes. i'll wait for you till your a levels are done, and beyond, if i need to. my hands are meant to hold yours...

yesterday evening, i met cue, and we pedalled our way over to kian seng heng in hougang to pop a look. we met xxooxx there, and yeah, it was funny to see two guys wearing basketball tops at the same time... i was thinking, if no one was wiser, they looked like a gay couple!

i sms-ed huijia from the bike store, and asked her to give me a call when she's about to reach home from her return trip from tuition. well, in the end i called, and i hustled our good friend cue to quickly finish what he wanted to get, and got ourselves boogieing our way down to huijia's place, which is located near my area. once we reached outside her condo, both cue and me parked our bikes just along the main road servicing the estate.

i then made a call to huijia and then she picked up the phone... and then after her cues (pun not intended) i managed to spot her on the second level of the building, wearing a red top. i then asked her to hold on to the phone, and i cycled just into the driveway of the estate, and in a style similar to romeo and juliet, i talked to her over the phone from there. why didn't i go closer? because her parents and her brother were all at home. well, i was that excited that when i left, i almost fell with my bike, because i was still clipped into the clipless pedals. phew. i managed to clip out in my frantic struggle in time, and was unscathed. luckily i didn't crash and burn smack in front of my beloved one...

Saturday, July 27, 2002

this message is for huijia. no, not jiahui!

i want to be your boyfriend.
and i want you to be my girlfriend.

yes, you've read correctly here. i know things seem really... fast for us, but i'm confident that we have a sporting chance. if so destiny (or fate, if you want to call it this way) has placed us living so close to each other... perhaps it's a sign. don't you think so? give me a call when you read this. i'm waiting.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

happened to meet tricia on the train trip this morning. happened to meet mr boh from my secondary school as i was returning home today. almost could have met huijia, if not for the fact that there was heavy rain this evening... lucky girl, she's having half day tomorrow because her school (hcjc) won both the boys' and girls' a division champions for the national schools track and field championships...

when is my digicam gonna come back to me? i'm in dire need of it!... sigh...

oh yeah. i picked up a pair of maxxis larsen tt tires from fuzzybear last night. lanchero and arnhem were there too.

international blogger meetup day, anyone?

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

came back not too long ago from the charity screening of men in black 2 at tiong bahru plaza. oddly enough, the health science authority, and the singapore red cross network were the main event organizers. oh, we went in to watch for free.

just finished too, reading lance armstrong's it's not about the bike: my journey back to life. wonderful book - regardless if you're an athlete or not, living or dying from cancer. it gives new perspectives that are beyond grasp of the "normal, healthy" human being.

Saturday, July 20, 2002

hmm. just got home after having dinner with my cgl, huiling at marche suntec. met my vs junior joon leng just outside roxy at citilink. then as i was crossing the road to get to the bus stop to get my 147 home, i saw eleanor and her guy crossing from the opposite direction - both of us were surprised! boy, does she look good or what wearing a (was that called a sphagetti-strap top?) long time since i last saw her, that was probably 1997 when she still was studying in vjc!

yesterday morning i passed roger the intro to pe text, and the ele101 text to joyce. managed to tell kassey a little about how to do the plunge, but didn't get to see her doing it. one thing for sure - it sure hurts when you hear someone else slapping their thighs against the water when they're entering the pool! later in the evening, jeslyn, debbie, debbie (from pgde), angie, hui, melisa and me had our dinner at jurong point. after that, it was off to charles' place for cell group meeting...

oops, forgot to mention that i went to crescent girls' school for their school fun fair, and it was marvellous seeing the magnificently designed building, and practically all classes of the entire school putting up games or food booths. imagine all students, from secondary one through secondary four all putting on some form of fundraising activity for their school! oh, forgot to mention too, i went because shaoqing invited me to turn up for it lor...

after the school fair, i went back over to orchard road, where i went through borders quickly, and then adjourned to kinokuniya where i bought lance armstrong's it's not about the bike: my journey back to life and the lance armstrong performance program: seven weeks to the perfect ride.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

now i'm stuck in jennifer's hostel room in ntu hall 7 trying to rid her computer of that darned thing known as the bsod (blue screen of death) from her computer. very very unstable now.

for those of you who wanna see the pess orientation 2002 photos, they are available here.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

just made a call to logitech singapore regarding my clicksmart 510 not being able to hold in my smartmedia card - and the person on the other end of the phone, lim, assured me that after checking stock levels, the camera that i'm having now may be replaced free of charge! yaay!

and just about 10 minutes ago, i received the call back from logitech singapore - i can now pop down to funan to get my camera fixed! yippee!

just came back this wee hours (around 5am) after talking and having a long lim kopi session with lena who's a newbie in my department. after the teh peng/milo session, i walked her back to her block and i actually zzz-ed off on this massive bench right in front of her block... i think she also shut off too, but might have enjoyed walking back probably 3 kilometers with me...

the massive "highlight" of the night was that i fell with my bike while trying to mount a 20cm high kerb... and in the process almost breaking my beloved giro pneumo helmet! (read: $288 investment!) thankfully nothing happened to me, but my saddle has since been torn a little more, while means that i would be getting a new saddle pretty soon. hmm. punggol park. i'll know to be more careful the next time!...

last night, coincidentally while i was in sportslink jurong point with hui, edward, wooi ling and xuan, we also literally had an informal deparrtment gathering in the store too! there we met our year one pess juniors, joyce, woody, lena and chris. just so happened that soon after our two groups were parting, i received a sms from lena asking me to take over her place to watch minority report. joyce, in the cinema, was kinda cute - apparently she slumped into her seat and sat up again erpeatedly because... she was about to doze off! fancy that to happen while watching a 6:45pm show!

anyway, the ride back home was great - had an extra long period of time to talk with joyce on the way back, and guess what? she stays near my place too...

Monday, July 15, 2002

in the morning, i just cleared up my email accounts, and set off to service 4 on the 12:05 chc direct bus. met up with the rest of w140 and after the service (which coincidentally, was about the curse of debt), i tithed for the first time in my life, all the $205 of it. gosh, feel so much better about it now!

and i just came back from kenneth's place after lugging back home an apple g3 casing from him. it's fantastic how he manages to get all these computer stuff - the last time, he gave me a couple of 90mm fans that i could use in my computer.

on saturday, after we concluded the pess orientation camp which was a major success, i cycled over to holland grove, and patronized treknology bikes 3 for a while. i received less-than-acceptable service, and decided to leave. i then stopped by two wheel action, and inquired about oury grips as well as time pedals. well, after looking at my bike and deciding to try out the service at the place, i opted to change my rear deraileur cable as well as a cable housing for it. then i decided to plink for a new water bottle cage and a set of park tools mini tool kit, all for $100. as i was about to leave, a caucasian lady popped by the store with a cannondale f1000sl with full xtr components. for those of you who can't understand, xtr components (by shimano) are like the top end stuff there is for mountain bikes. this lady, called michelle, bought a pair of shimano cycling shoes from the store, and as she was about to leave, she was recommended getting a set of clipless pedals for herself. she then took a look at the time pedals and decided to buy the lowest end model, which she was given a rate of $120.

not long after, the cleats on her shoes were mounted, and she tried out her bike on the stretch of empty carpark that lay right in front of the bike shop. i cycled with her, and asked her to give me her personal opinion of the time pedals. and guess what? she said it was pretty easy! next thing i knew, i bought a pair of exus brand cycling shoes, as well as a set of time alium high-polish pedals for another $265! but after clipping in, i really learnt even more about controlling my bike... so that i can clip out of the pedals and not do something stupid like stopping stationary and then being unable to clip out from the pedals, and then falling over with both legs locked into the pedals...

as i was cycling back on my maiden journey with clipless pedals, i saw this magnificent silver nissan skyline gt-r r34 v.spec near the ginger gardens of the botanical gardens. damned slick! sda131m...

oh, i'll add more stuff to this entry soon. dead tired...

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

haha... just registered for my repeat eed101 module... just scored one point - i just spotted tricia before she spotted me! me 1, tricia 1! eh, don't wake up so early ar tricia, it may get you dark eyerings like i've got...!

read this post i made about spotting chicks on the road... it's really cool!

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

surprise, surprise. indeed i was surprised to see shaoqing on the same mrt train as me, as i was on my way over to nie in the afternoon. prof teo also cleared both jeslyn and me to take our repeat modules...

i went through the bicycles that were locked up in the bicycle sheds from hall 8 to hall 11. my goodness - some of them were abandoned there for good! you can tell by looking at the rusty chains, deflated tires, or even the army of red weaver ants trooping on them! the best bike i saw was a softride mountain bike. it's really nice, i tell you. but the bad thing is, it's using a rigid fork...

don't miss me too much folks. just keep on commenting here!

just now, three of my former students from xinghua primary called me from somewhere to talk to me. melissa was the one who called, and told me that today is the last day for my ct, roger, whom i believe i'll be seeing in nie as well very soon. then she told me, the one who was thinking of calling me was jia ning, who spoke for only a short while before she passed the phone over to peijie. gosh. those girls still can remember me...

i've gotta work hard and work my butts off to repay them for their trust in me, although i screwed up in my teaching practice then.

Monday, July 08, 2002

oh no! apparently tricia has spotted me in nie! michelle called me on my phone to take a peep at who i am in person too. and met fellow multisport athlete (actually, fellow triathlete) ruo ying in the canteen.

after our long long long discussion of the orientation details, we tied down a lot of "loose ends" and then we're gonna run the pess orientation from this wednesday to saturday. don't miss me folks!

ouch. that ulcer under my tongue is really getting on my nerves. can hardly speak properly without it inflicting pain with each utterance...

too bad this year i can't witness beverly-mei give her stab at claiming the national schools' a division artistic gymnastics championship. i would love to see her get the champion for the second year in a row... but it's too bad, because since the pess orientation starts on wednesday, it perfectly clashes with the finals to be held this very same wednesday afternoon in the bishan indoor sports hall... sigh, tough luck - but it's not as bad as last year. last year it was much worse, since on the day of the finals, i was free... and i missed watching yimei's swan song to gymnastics that she so loved... all because i forgot to ask beverly which day the finals were to be held... *dui sim*

Sunday, July 07, 2002

yawn. slept at around 3am this morning i think. then woke up at 5am, got some breakfast, courtesy of mom and then i cycled off to the carpark just before the sentosa causeway. that was around 40 minutes' worth of straight cycling on major roads, and i reached that carkpark by 6:20am. then did that streetwise run 2002 - supposed to be 12km, but i'm more glad rather for the fact that i managed to complete it in one piece. of course the next thing was to cycle back home as soon as i could, because i was attending service 4.

after service, i had lunch (or it could have been dinner by the time we had it) with jonathan, simon and kangming. then took a looooong train ride back to kallang with jonathan, and i dropped off the train at kallang mrt. oh. and i haven't mentioned i got this free cirque de soleil "saltimbanco" reversible bucket cap from the run, courtesy of royston...

incredibly cool day. while recovering lost information on alston's hard disk (which by the way was a quantum trailblazer), i forgot the possibilities of it being caused by a viral infection. so yours truly ran calc.exe from the recovered directory and got my own computer infected for the first time in after a 11 year 100% virus-free record. woah. 1 day out of 11 years ==> 1 day divide by 4017 days (about there) ==> <1% viral infection time. low statistical figure, but it still is now less than perfect. i was infected with classic chernobyl/cih virus, along with the w95.mtx virus. took me like three hours to eradicate them. thankfully my documents are intact. phew!

wait! there's more! in alston's recovered files, there's also w97m.class.a.gen, as well as wscript.kakworm, and still some more files of mine still infected with w95.mtx, but most are in the temporary directory anyway. but it's all ok now, all contained safely. but anyway, this is the single most virulent virus attack on my computer. woah. minus alston's files that i didn't run, i got attacked by two viruses. thankfully, while i opened his microsoft office documents to test if the recovery was good, i didn't infect my own files with that macro virus.

for those of you who have the chernobyl virus working on your computer, please run the kill_cih tool to remove the cih virus from your memory. if you don't the more you scan your computer for viruses, the more it spreads! and dig this - the w95.mtx virus actually crashes your internet explorer if you try to browse to the symantec antivirus website!

i also talked to alston regarding what strategies he has to run his bike shop. now that i have a clearer picture, i will lend him my personal support. i mean, he did tell me, the reason why he allowed me to take away his "dead" hard disk to attempt my data recovery was because he trusted me. prior to this, i just came back from make-up cell group with n183, of whom a fellow tgp-er is also in! that person is tkm. oh yeah. forgot to mention that alston also did for me a quick, free re-truing of my rear wheel.

Saturday, July 06, 2002

har har har. yes, i meant that. the ironies of life strikes at the most unexpected times.

just popped jasmine some personal opinions between her relation with her guy. apparently, she said, she's doing the bulk of the talking amongst them two, but he ain't that communicative to let her know what's on his mind. she seems to feel a tad neglected because of his apparent silent nature. i don't know them much (other apart from the fact that she's in my former polytechnic department and he in ns), so from what i've inferred from her site from day one. personally, i think that he is a caring boyfriend, but he's just... quiet. it seems that she is doing most of the work to spark off communication, but the way he communicates is not exactly the wavelength she would love to have. i stand by my stand - jasmine, give him time. he will change, if you let your love show through you.

from what i've written as comments to her blog postings, i said that communication is key to any relationship. that time when janice finally sent me a sms telling me that she felt that i was "insensitive" to her feelings (actual quotes are used), i was somewhat shocked. would it be a fair trial, if she did not tell or even hint to me, that i was talking too much. come on, some people actually would prefer to be spend time quietly with another, some may prefer to spend time in a decidedly verbose manner. so how was i supposed to know what's on her mind if she doesn't let me know? and guess what - her reason why she didn't tell me was because that was my characteristic, plus she thought it was "not nice" to tell me to keep quiet. erm. excuse me? if she keeps at this rate she's going, she will face problems with any guy, because "it's not nice to ask you to change". sigh. hope she wakes up from this...

i would agree personally, if your other significant other can read your mind and pop you a surprise, that would be so... romantic? but this is clearly impossible (or highly unlikely) because we are not empowered to read mind, and in the end, what would happen? you would get disappointed that your significant other can't understand your thoughts - all because of one single mistake that you made - because you're asking for him or her to read what's on your mind. tell me, frankly, how many times can you guess correctly what your significant other has on the mind at any time?

couples out there, communicate with your significant other today. there's no time to waste.

Friday, July 05, 2002

the taxi driver whose cab i was in yesterday, as i was on the way down to east coast park to meet jiewen, told me something massive that i never saw before. out of the old testament, the ten commandments - they are structured in this order - spiritual, natural and worldly orders.

and one more thing he said that i really needed a reminder in - if a person does something out of the flesh (by a personal effort), eventually that person will get tired. but if once that person lets Jesus bear the yoke of suffering by accepting Christ, that same person will be reliefed of that fatigue.

went out cycling on wednesday afternoon with fuzzybear and lanchero to soon watt, and later i cycled to eunos to meet loner. we all then met up at yuppie wheelers, and later still, met cue at the east coast mcdonald's. saw a lime green intense uzzi bike there, really, really. cool. from what i've checked from manufacturer's site, it's an uzzi sl. big bucks man.

addenum : there was also a litespeed fitted out with what i thought was a blue sid fork - at mention from burns from togoparts.

yesterday (thursday), i went out with jiewen-mei because she needed some company regarding her down emotions of late. we met at east coast park, later went by cab to ngee ann city, where we did our browsing and window shopping. i mean, if you call walking into the mont blanc showroom on the first level of ngee ann city in beach shorts and a round neck t-shirt daring enough - i did it anyway. too bad, the only mont blanc 75th anniversary pen that was available was a (probably) all silver fountain pen that costs over $2000! so in the end, no mont blanc for jiewen's sister for her birthday today!

anyway, that's a very camera-shy jiewen we have there on your right, shielding her face with a colouring book, while we were in kinokuniya. apparently she thinks it's the best pose to appear on my website in, and i think it's really artistic! just before we went into the foodcourt to buy takopachi, i happened to see viv in person for the first time, and thankfully it wasn't a case of mistaken identity. phew! we ventured back into cold storage, where i bought one can of s&w sweetcorn, and promptly opened it up for makan. and when i realised that i needed a spoon to get the sweetcorn out, i just took one plastic spoon from one of the many food counters on the same level! heehee... anyway, before both jiewen and i parted, she had a little mock tantrum (otherwise known as "xiao jie pi qi"), where she was trying her best not to make a single sound nor utter anything at all. but skillful ol' me managed to crack her up for once laughing. and of course... i believe she had a hard time with my "jab-under-the-ribs" tickling... can tell it from her face that she's trying to hold in her laughter like constipation...

there was also this picture that was hand-drawn by someone as a pen test in kinokuniya yesterday... what do you think? i think it's marvellous to see this work of art on those papers, while the worldly people would just scribble circles and nothing more... and i'm guilty of that too. heehee...

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

watched "bend it like beckham" last night with alwyn, ban hwee, lily, ceqin and debbie at yishun 10. not a particular engaging movie, and it's like 2 hours long. don't mind the length, but it's too long for its own good lor. but of course, the sheer length of it drags down the "cost" of the movie for me to just three dollars an hour, where else can i find anything like this?

some gems that i gleaned off from the movie - never give up a dream, instead keep on chasing it. because if you give it up, you'll always have that regret in your heart.

played soccer (a little of it) in the nie mph, and how i wished i had a pair of shoes, or soccer trainers for the matter... then i could try blasting the football and trying out a "reverse banana"... ceqin makes an excellent goalkeeper! she flies pretty fearlessly all over to block out quite a lot of alwyn's shots... cool!

Monday, July 01, 2002

went out in the afternoon with hui to queensway to do some shopping for a pair of soccer boots, for the upcoming soccer module we'll have this semester. also present was maurice and his girlfriend too. it was pretty funny, that we had to actually look for kids' sized or junior sized boots. there was this time hui picked up a pair of adidas predator boots and liking it and all, and even trying out the size by herself... but when she asked for the price, she got a rude shock - $149! heh heh, actually i already knew it would cost a small bomb judging by the three white rubber-striped zone on the inner toe side of the boots, that was a pair of predators she was trying out...

oh yeah. it was really nice to watch ronaldo beat kahn, not once, but twice in a match. there goes the excellent record of kahn... but i say, that keeper is good. in fact, the second goal was possible to stop - it's just that kahn didn't dive to his left to make the save. if you can find the videos or the slow-mo photos, his left hand was on the ground for some odd reason. for me, i'd look at the ball, not at the feet of the players, to palm that ball away. ah well. the german team's taken the defeat pretty badly - but hey, in the finals where you have two teams playing, obviously one team has to win, and the other has to lose. it's either way.